Sunday, December 29, 2013

6 months

Way, way past due on getting Paige's 6 month update on here. It has been a crazy month and I have had a lot of other things on my mind besides blogging. Better late than never though, right?

I only have one picture of little muffin this month. She was not cooperating the day I tried to take pics, and I never had a chance to re-take them. I decided not to worry too much about it since I also had her 6 month pics taken with Stephanie Foto earlier this month. (Which I will share in my next post!) So here she is!

Oh man, this girl is a mover. I know I say that every month, but it is the truth. She keeps us on our toes.

Paige, at 6 months::

-Weighs 14 lbs 14 oz., 25th percentile. (Weighed at her 6 month well-check.)

-Is 27 inches long, 74th percentile.

-Wearing size 6-9 month clothes.

-In size 4 diapers.

 -Sleeping....alright. Some nights better than others. Definitely not all night yet. I wish. We are going to have to do some sleep training soon I think.

-Still nursing, supplementing with a small bottle of formula most nights. (Even though it doesn't help her sleep a whole lot longer!)

-Crawling all over. Right about at her 6 month birthday she started crawling on her hands and knees instead of army crawling. She is into everything she can get to.

-Pulls herself up to anything she can. She's finally learning how to, I don't know, fall gracefully? Instead of landing on her head, she'll land on her butt or brace with her arms.

-Sitting by herself. She gets herself from crawling to sitting and vice versa.

-Making lots of different noises now. She has a signature noise, as I like to call it. I can't really explain what it is, but it's goofy. She's also been saying 'da da da' lately too. That should probably actually go on the next monthly update since she just started that in the past week. Oh well! :)

-She's altogether a very happy, easy-going little girl and we couldn't love her more!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What we've been up to

Hey there. It's been awhile. Thought I would share some pics of what we've been up to lately! :)

Paul was in our friends Lance and Amy's wedding. We spend the weekend at Maplelag Resort, where everything but the actual wedding was held. GORGEOUS place. So cool. We had a blast hanging out with all our friends that we haven't seen a lot lately since we are all so busy! Paige came with us, but Levi spent the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's.

 Paige has been practicing sitting by herself!

Levi's favorite new way to eat black olives! 

We let Paige try an avocado. She loved it, but wow. Messy! She went straight up for a bath after this!

We also started her on baby food. She tried grandpa's sweet potatoes first. She seemed to like them, but I think she prefers to feed herself. Last night was the second night I gave it to her and she wasn't as interested as the first night. We shall see!

Last night the kiddos got to visit Santa! He came all the way to Hancock from the North Pole. Levi did pretty good. He was a little shy, but he was brave! Paige was obviously not too interested, lol. Levi asked Santa for "trackers and a wittle shed!" Aka tractors and a little shed, to keep his tractors in. Silly kid.

The best part for Levi was getting a ride on Santa's sleigh, pulled by Donner and Blitzen. He thought that was pretty cool.

Other than what I shared above, Paige is crawling all over. More of an army crawl/scoot, not on her hands and knees yet. But that doesn't stop her! She is going to be a handful. Who am I kidding, she already is! :) 

Her 6 month pictures are tomorrow (weather permitting!), so hard to believe that. Of course that means she had to scratch herself on her face in a couple different places. I swear I trim her nails every week, but those things grow fast.

Levi has been going to ECFE Tuesday evenings and loving it. He enjoys being with other kids, especially since he is home with me all day. It's a great program in our little town, and thankfully we have lots of families that take advantage of it.