Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gear up!

So I got a new pair of shoes a couple weeks ago, thinking it would help motivate me to go for a walk every day. They are Sketchers Shape Ups, and I must say, I can really feel them working! So far that has helped me keep going, and I hope to continue. I've made it part of my routine after work instead of just something I have to do.

The other thing I can't go without (besides my shades:) is my iPod shuffle. It always helps to have some tunes!!

My goal is to lose 5 pounds, and once I get to that, I plan to make a new goal. I've also started keeping track of everything I eat in a notebook that I keep in my purse. I've tried this before and it never lasts for more than a few days, but hopefully this time I'll be able to keep it up. I don't think I eat too terrible much, but it's amazing how fast those dang calories add up!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

weekend overview

Crazy how the weekends just fly by, isn't it? We went up to St. Cloud and spent the night at a hotel for my cousin's confirmation the next day. It was a lot of fun, but it's always exhausting when the whole family is there. Kids all over! They are getting older though, so it's not so bad since they can pretty much take care of themselves. Josh, Katie, Paul and I sat in the hot tub for awhile while the kids swam, so that was nice. Paul seems to think that someday we'll be able to afford a hot tub...he better start saving! Ha!

Anyways, we did a little (and by little I mean not much) shopping on Saturday before we went to the hotel. Found a few things at ON and Paul finally took me to Barnes and Noble. I've been wanting to go there the last I don't know how many times we've been to St. Cloud. Oh man, I could have spent tons of time and money in that store! I had one book in mind that I wanted, and I was happy to find that plus a couple others. Paul even said he was enjoying looking at everything. So hopefully that can be a regular stop from now on. The few times we get up there at least.

It was really nice to get home on Sunday though. Home sweet home! I went to the farm with Paul while he and Mark moved a few cow/calf pairs and visited with Jess and the girls. It's always fun seeing those two munchkins! Always entertaining! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I just wanted to share a few pictures that I've taken this spring!

Our niece in her rainboots...no, it wasn't raining, but she sure looked cute!

Paul chatting with his brother before starting chores at the farm.

Mmmmm cupcakes!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a list about me!

I like to make lists, so I thought I would make one about myself to share. Just random stuff. Here goes...

1. Paul and I just bought our first home, been there 8 months now!
2. I love to scrapbook and hopefully I'll share some of my pages on here!
3. I am a little bit accident prone.
4. I was voted Most Quiet and Best Eyes in my high school class.
5. I like to cook and bake.
6. I have one sister who is younger than me.
7. I need to wear glasses when I read or use the computer.
8. I loooove to go shopping! Most of the time it's just window shopping though, until I win the lottery or something.
9. I've never bought a lottery ticket in my live..
10. I always regret it when I cut my hair, but for some reason I always chop it when it gets long.
11. I am a carb-freak. No way could I live without bread or pasta!
12. I have the two most beautiful nieces in the world, and soon I will have a nephew!
13. I like to watch infomercials. Yeah, I get sucked in. Haven't actually bought anything though, hopefully it stays that way!
14. I still watch the Disney channel on occasion...
15. My best friends are my husband and my mom.
16. My favorite pastimes (besides scrapbooking) are photography, playing around in Photoshop, reading, being outside, and spending time with my husband, family and friends!
17. I am still working on having more confidence in myself. This has been an issue for me all my life, but slowly I am improving!
18. I went to school for graphic design (woohoo ATC!!), and I now work at a local feed company.
19. I had an accident in shop class in 8th grade and cut some of my fingers in the jointer. I lost a chunk of my left thumb and cut my ring and middle ones pretty good. Funny thing is, about 6 months ago I sliced the very tip off the same thumb while cutting tomatoes. Me and sharp objects, I tell ya.
20. I get distracted kind of easily sometimes..

That's all I got for now! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

first post!

Hello! Thought I would give one of these a try. Not that we're real exciting, but it's a good place to share pictures and what is going on in our life!