Friday, May 27, 2011

6 weeks old already!

I have been horrible at keeping this thing up lately! Things have been going great with Levi. He is such a blessing and we love him so much! He is still not really on much of a schedule, so I have a week to try and work on that a little since next week is my last week off before work. :( Not looking forward to that, but it's only 3 days, so I have to be thankful for that at least. Levi is sleeping pretty good at night. Usually by the time I get him to sleep it's around 10:30, and he'll sleep for a good 4-5 hours, then wake up to eat and go back to sleep for another 2.5-3 hours. The last couple mornings he's been taking a good morning nap too, so hopefully he'll keep that up! It's nice when he takes an afternoon nap too, but sometimes he fights it. I am still nursing him, and I decided to try pumping at work and see how it goes. If I don't get enough then I'm not going to stress about having to give him formula at daycare if he needs it.

His shower in Renville a couple weekends ago was great! He got a lot of cute stuff, and we are very thankful! And of course, my sister had it decorated super cute!

And just some more pics of my chunky monkey!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

time flies!

Funny how having a newborn in the house makes getting anything done near impossible! Today has by far been the most productive I've been since Levi was born! And all I really did was pick up around the house here and there, and clean up the kitchen. Ha.

Besides that, things have been going really well. Can't complain too much...Levi is such a good baby for the most part! He has pretty much had his days and nights straight from the beginning, so our schedule for the past couple weeks has been getting him ready for bed, feeding him, etc. around 10:00-10:30, so he usually is sleeping around 11:00, give or take depending on what we did that day, and he'll sleep for 3-4 hours, wake up around 2:00-3:00, then Paul usually changes him and I feed him, and it takes around an hour to get him back to sleep, then he'll sleep for another 2-3 hours and we are usually up for the day around 6:30-7:00. So yeah, pretty good for a 3 1/2 week old!

I had some issues with nursing right away, but things are going better. It still hurts sometimes when he latches on since he has a tongue-tie, but we are going in tomorrow to get that clipped, so hopefully that will make it easier for him to latch on and suck better. He also had a slight case of thrush, so we are treating him (and me, woo-hoo) for that. Only a couple more days left on the prescription, but it looked better after the first day he took it for the most part. On my end, it gets annoying to wipe off/put on monistat every time he wants to eat. Ack. But I set a goal to nurse at least until I go back to work, and then I will see how pumping goes and decide if I want to keep going or not.

This weekend is Levi's shower in Renville, so I (we :) are excited for that! Should be a very fun day, I know Katie has been planning it for a long time and has some neat things planned. Hopefully Levi will be a good boy! :) I'm sure he will be.

And just for good measure, here are a few pics from the last week or so...