Friday, June 20, 2014

12 months!

I know I said this in my last post, but that year just FLEW by! I can't believe my little peanut is ONE! Crazy, I tell you!! I think back about those first few weeks having her home, and how nuts they were, and it feels like just yesterday. (David coming to do trim upstairs, storms, Bili light, power outage, ugh!) But then again we can't even remember what life was like without her.

Paige is full of personality, just like Levi is. She is sassy, independent, feisty, I could go on and on. She's just a peanut. People always think it's hilarious that she's walking already since she's so little.

"Though she be but little, she is fierce." -William Shakespeare

Paige, at 12 months old::

- Weighs 18 lbs 11 oz (32%).

- Is 29.5 inches tall (60%)

- In size 12 month clothes.

- Size 4 diapers.

- FINALLY felt just this morning that her THIRD tooth came through. BARELY. So probably not technically supposed to be on this post, but oh well. It is one of her top middle ones, left I think. She doesn't let me get a good look.

- She's a mover. NON. STOP. ALL. OVER. She loves to climb, Heaven help us. The other day she fell down the stairs. All the way down. I missed getting to her by about two steps so I watched the whole thing while running down the stairs trying to get to her. Not fun watching your kid roll down the stairs like a log. BUT, she was fine. Scared her (and me!) more than anything. I didn't even notice any bruises, surprisingly. And it hasn't deterred her from going up the stairs or trying to go back down one bit.

- Sleeping pretty good lately for the most part. She usually sleeps all night and then wakes up around 5:00-5:30, then I bring her to bed by me and Paul will bring a bottle up for her since he usually gets up around that time anyway.

- Down to one nap unless we are in the car. She usually gets tired around noon, sometimes before.

- Still a pretty light eater. Some days she'll eat a lot, and others not so much.

- She is on whole milk now. Still having 2-3 bottles a day. We will be working on weaning off of the bottles pretty quick, hopefully by 15 months.

- She's always making some sort of noise. As Levi says, she "waddle talks". Ha! Not sure where he came up with that, but it's cute. She is constantly jabbering. There will be no silence in this house once she learns to (in Levi's terms) "real talk!" :)

- She signs for more.

- Nods yes or shakes her head for no when I ask her if she wants something or point to something.

- What is it with our kids and wanting to be IN the fridge? She stands by the fridge and points at it until I pick her up and open the door, then she wants to stand in there and decide what she needs. Levi does the same thing, only he can open to door by himself, ugh.

- Speaking of pointing, she started pointing with one finger now, instead of two. For awhile she would point and she'd be making a peace sign. She points where she wants me to take her when I'm holding her, or if there's something she wants she will point to it.

- She loves the water! I'm looking forward to taking her to the pool and the spray park this summer!

- Also looooves being outside. She's definitely not a girly girl (yet!). She'd sit and play in the dirt and mud if I'd let her.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Paige's Pink Lemonade Stand!

First off, I apologize for not updating this thing more often. I feel like I'm playing a constant game of catch-up with everything lately. We're still adjusting to Levi not taking a nap anymore (wahh!), but he's getting better at just playing or watching cartoons while I try to do things while Paige naps. Now that P's birthday party is done, the next catch-up item is my Project Life album that has been neglected for way too long. I do at least have pictures printed so I can get something started. Anyways, thought I would share some pictures from Paige's party yesterday, since I want to wait for her 12 month update until I get her official weight/height from the doctor on Tuesday.

Like I mentioned above, the theme for Paige's first birthday party was Pink Lemonade! I had fun browsing Pinterest for cute, simple ideas to use. I tried not to spend to much, and I think I did pretty good! To be honest I think the lemons cost the most! Maybe not quite, but good grief they aren't cheap right now! Anyways, here was my little setup for the drink table. The straws came from, and we ended up not even using them. My original plan was to use mason jars for everyone as glasses, but at the last minute (as in, the night before) I decided that would be too much of a hassle. So Paul went to town in the morning and since I wanted clear glasses, the short ones were all they had. Oh well, they made a cute decoration! The letters for the lemon decoration with her name, and the banners I cut out using my Silhouette, which made it super easy! I also printed out each of her monthly pictures that I had taken to display.

This little lemonade stand took the most time, but it still didn't take too long, mostly waiting for paint to dry. Thanks to my mom and her painting skills for helping me with the lettering on the sign! I did the T-A-N-D in STAND, lol. The birthday girl looked adorable in the tutu I made her! She loved having it on! She loved the necklace too! I can't wait to take her one year pictures with Stephanie using the same outfit and the lemonade stand! I have messaged her a few times and she has some cute ideas!

Present time! She wasn't that terribly into it, to be honest! She wanted to play with everything right away! She got lots of cute "girly" things to share the toy space with all of Levi's tractors and trucks. She got a couple dolls, a little ride-on toy, a doll buggy, and lots of cute clothes!

Ha, the cupcake wasn't a huge hit either. She just looked at it and poked it for awhile, then we gave her a taste of the frosting and she ate a little bit, but mostly she just smashed it and destroyed it all over her tray! Then she kept pointing to the plate of cupcakes I had on the table and signing for more! Silly girl!

And one last one of our family!

It was a really fun day celebrating our baby girl turning ONE! I can't believe how fast that year went by! Hopefully back later this week with her one year update!