Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for Friday

I actually have some pictures to share this week! I'll get right to it...

1. Levi's latest trick is moving his little yellow chair from the living room into the kitchen to use as a step-stool so he can see what I am doing at the counter, or to get at something. We can move it back into the other room as many times as we want, but it still ends up in the kitchen. It's actually kind of funny when he does it, if I start something he'll stop and look at me then take off into the other room and push his chair all the way in here.

2. Hayride! On Saturday night we went to my aunt and uncle's farm and went on a hayride with my family. It was a pretty nice night weather-wise, and it was a lot of fun. Levi just took it all in and was a good boy!

3. I peeked into the living room to find this on Monday afternoon...
Both zoned out watching tv, Levi eating a pickle. I thought it was cute how he had his hand on Paul's, and his leg resting on top of his car! Silly boys.

4. Pictures! I got Levi's 18 month pics back, and they turned out really cute! They were actually part of a fall mini-session that Stephanie Foto ~ Stephanie Warzecha Photography had in the beginning of October, and it timed right that I just call them his 18 month pics. I'll share some more when I get his 18 month post up, which will hopefully be this weekend!

5. Corn stove is a-burnin'!! I actually love having that thing going in the basement, it makes it soooo much warmer down there. Obviously, right? :) We went to Runnings in Benson yesterday to get wood pellets so Paul could get it started. Once we got those, we went and had supper at Patrick's Pub and Grill. They have these chive fries that are so yummy! I had been craving popcorn shrimp so that's what I had, and it hit the spot. Levi ate dang near a whole (huge!) corndog! I think that's the best he's eaten when we were at a restaurant, ever.

So that was our week! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pinspiration Monday

As a way to get more than one blog post in a week, and since I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest, I thought I would try doing a Pinspiration Monday post. Just show some of my favorite recent pins and why I love them. Maybe sometimes I'll switch it up and show you some pins that I have actually done or tried! Alrighty, here goes! :)

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites. You can bet your behind that I will be making these in the near future! How can you go wrong with that combo?!

I am absolutely loving this combo of stripes+leopard, but not so sure I could pull it off! Never know unless you try though I guess!

Chicken Pot Pie Soup. Definitely trying this yummy recipe this winter.


I have been itching to bake some bread from scratch, so I might have to give these a try!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for Friday

I didn't take ONE picture of Levi this week. None! What?! That is pretty unusual for me. I guess in other words, we didn't do a whole lot this week. And I am slacking on taking pics. Anyhoo, here are my five.

1. My 5K on Saturday. It went well, I got a time of 35:44. Which I didn't think was bad at all, being the beginner that I am. I want to say I ran 2/3 of it. Yay me! :)

2. We went over to a friend's to watch the Vikings game on Sunday afternoon. We were late, since Levi took a three and a half hour nap. Guess he was tired! He slept good that night, too, surprisingly! The Vikes lost. Meh. Can you tell I am not a hardcore football fan? I like it but just don't get too into it.

3. Levi had his 18 month check-up on Tuesday. It went good except for the strep test, flu shot, and eye drops I have to give him until Monday. I will give more details when I do his 18 month update. Which will be coming as soon as I get his 18 month pictures back! Hopefully next week!

4. I found boots! I have been searching and searching for the perfect pair, and I finally found them! I ordered a pair from zappos a few weeks ago that I loved too, but they were too tight along the top so I couldn't fit my jeans in there. Then after Levi's appt., we went to the mall and I saw these at Maurice's. Of course the didn't have my size, so I just ordered them online and they should be here next week. Yay!

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

5. Levi spent the day with his cousins yesterday. There was no daycare b/c of M.E.A., so he went to play with Auntie Jess, and cousins Madison, Allie and Aaron. He was good and had a fun day!

Hopefully next week I'll have some more pictures to share, yeesh!

Friday, October 12, 2012

High Five for Friday

Friday once again! This week we didn't do too much. I didn't take many pictures either! I have to stay in the habit of taking pictures of everything if I am going to start Project Life this year. I gotta get some scrapbook pages done before that, though. Anyway, here are my five!

1. Fall mini session! Stephanie Foto | Stephanie Warzecha Photography had some fall mini sessions last Friday, so I signed Levi up. Once I decided on what to have him wear, which was quite the dilemma (ask my mother :) ), I think it went well! Stephanie has taken Levi's 6 month and 12 month pictures and she does a really good job. We got our workout in for the day following him around and trying to get him to look towards the camera. What worked the best? Roarrrrring! Oh that kid, such a goof! I roared at him and then the smiles came and we roared for the rest of the half hour session. Ha! I am excited to see how they turned out! I think we get them back a week from Monday.

2. Holmberg Orchards. Paul and I took Levi to the orchard/pumpkin patch on Sunday. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon! It actually turned out to be pretty nice out, too. Levi loooooved the boats they had filled with corn. He really didn't care about the pumpkins too much, figures! :) We bought a bag of Honeycrisp apples (that are delicious!) and Levi ate one on the way home. Hopefully we can go back next year!

3. Grandma came to visit! My mom came up on Tuesday to spend the day. It's always fun when she comes up, Levi loves Grandma! :)

4. Making daddy proud. Playing with the tractor that Daddy bought him!
5. More tractor :) He is such a boy.

That's all for this week!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

thursday, thursday...

No losing it update tonight. My WW mtg was cancelled so I don't have an official weigh-in. Our leader is sick. I am slightly relieved that it was cancelled because I don't think the numbers would have gone down. Still having a hard time staying in my points lately, not sure what the deal is. I have been doing the 30 Day Shred everyday though! 10 days in a row! And I am doing another 5K on Saturday, so hopefully that will go well! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Just popping in with another scrapbook page to share!

I really love the colors on this page. I'm going to be using pink any chance I can get seeing as I'll probably be using more blues and greens from now on! This is another one that came together pretty fast! Slowly but surely, I will catch up!
Hopefully someday I'll figure out how to take decent photos of my pages! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday

I know, I know. I missed last week. We were pretty busy all day. Paul had the day off, so we spent a lot of the afternoon at the farm. And I think I honestly just forgot that it was Friday because I am not used to having Paul home on weekdays. It felt more like a Saturday.

Anyway, here are my five!

1. Jess and I took Aaron and Levi to the RFC (Regional Fitness Center at the UMM Campus) to play at the tot gym, which is really just a closet with a bunch of toys they can play with in the big gym there. They had a good time, and no one got hurt! Jess and I have come to the conclusion that those two are going to have a love/hate relationship as they get older. They love to give hugs, but then the next minute one is mad that the other is playing with a toy he dropped 10 minutes ago. Boys will be boys I guess! They looooved all the balls, as you can see by the first picture!
2. Playing in the leaves after mommy raked them all up! He thought it was funny when I put his slide in the pile! They didn't keep his attention for as long as I thought they would though. Imagine that!
3. Just some pics I have posted on Instagram over the past week. Watching cartoons. Future hoarder?? After nap hair. This morning having juice and some breakfast on the couch.
4. I got to take some senior pictures on Sunday last weekend. It was fun, and thankfully the family had a lot of ideas for locations, etc. I am always nervous with how they will turn out, especially since this was the first time I've taken pics for a non-family member! Hoping tonight to start editing, then I miiiight post a couple.

5. A video from last night. My boss is a big hunter, and he sent me home with some venison summer sausage and pepper sticks (antelope), so I gave a piece to Levi when we got home. He liked it.

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Losing | v.4

Sorry I didn't get this up last night. I went to Zumba with my friend Jill and didn't get home until 9:30 and I was pooped!

This week went pretty good. I did ok with tracking, although I did miss a few days. I wondered if since I had a good loss last week if I would gain this week, and I did. About half of what my loss was last week, I gained back. Bummer. So I guess that is my motivation this week, to at least get that back off!

I took a day off from the 30 Day Shred to go to Zumba, which is just as much of a workout in my opinion! My plan was to get up early yesterday and do 30DS, then go to Zumba in the evening. Well....that didn't happen. My alarm went off at 5:00 and somehow my hand just kept hitting snooze. I am not a morning person. Back to is sooooo much fun!! I always have a good time when I go, even though I know that I look like a complete doofus. I have ZERO dance skills! Slowly I am learning to loosen up every time we go. It definitely gets your heart pumping!

Thursday, October 4, 2012
Current weight: 153.2
+/- from last week: +1.6
Total loss: -8.2

What I did well this week
- Tracked most days.
- I have worked out 6 out of 7 days this week, in some way or another. 2 days I ran, then I started the Shred and have done that 3 days, then last night Zumba!
- Left cheese off my Subway sub last night! And (shocker!) it still tasted good! :)

What I did not do well this week
- Still not drinking enough water when I am home.
- Had chips and pop with the sub that I left cheese off of...kinda defeats the whole purpose!
- Had a few too many sweets this weekend.

Goals for the coming week
- Continue to track.
- Continue doing 30DS everyday, unless I go to Zumba.
- Drink more water.
- Watch my portion sizes and eat slower.