Monday, November 26, 2012

Pinspiration Monday

Here are a few of my pins from the week!

Love this quote.
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Chicken Piccata...looks delish! I love capers!

Avalanche Bars. These sounded like something my mom would love with the white chocolate!

Looks yummy, might have to try sometime!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Cards

Once again, thanks to Shutterfly, I found some adorable Christmas cards this year! If you are still looking for cards, go there and you're sure to find something you love! Here is what I decided to go with.

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

I stuck with a picture of just Levi this year, since he is who everyone wants to see anyways. :)

Hard to believe it is already the time of year for Christmas cards!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know we did!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Levi must have been a little stuffy last night...

He did that a couple times before I grabbed my iPod to record him, I thought maybe he would do it again but I guess three tissues was enough! Such a goofball! :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pinspiration Monday

I actually didn't have a ton of pins this week! Hmmm...that's not like me!! :) Here are a few though...

These would be super cute to make for the kids for dessert this year at Christmas!

Coconut Poke Cake. This looks delish! Too bad Paul doesn't like coconut.

Chevron infinity scarf. I just love this!! Such pretty colors!
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Southwest turkey sandwiches. Yummy way to use up leftover turkey from Thanksgiving!

Hopefully next week I'll have a few more good ones ;)

Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five for Friday

Back after missing for a few weeks in a row! We've had a couple busy weekends lately. (And I have been horrible at taking pics lately too.) The first weekend in November Levi and I went to Alex on Friday so that took care of blogging that day. And Saturday was a busy day too, with craft sale, then bridal shower, then another craft sale! Last weekend, Paul and I went to Arrowwood overnight for my birthday, which was that Thursday. Levi also had a dr. appointment on Friday, which I should go over in another post. So yeah, another packed weekend! Finally today we are home and I can hopefully get my post up quick before Levi wakes up!

1. I went out of my fashion 'norm' when we went out for supper last weekend. I thought it was cute. Once we stepped outside I realized I should have worn pants though, because it was cold and windy! BRR!

2. The parade of lights in Morris was last night. We took Levi and it was pretty fun. COLD! I put pj bottoms on him under his jeans, but I wish I would have put his snow pants on him. We just kept him wrapped in his blanket and he was fine. I thought the float in the top pic was pretty cute...the kids are supposed to be a spine! It was even funnier when they were all out of line! :)

3. Being a goofball!

4. He sat right there and watched cartoons for a good 5 minutes before he moved again. Not the best picture since I took it on my ipod.

5.  Me and my handsome little man.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pinspiration Monday

I almost forgot it was Monday again! Here are a few pins from the week!

Strawberry Yogurt Cake. Uhhh...YUM! This looks so moist and delicious!

Wrap yarn around the door and use clothespins to hang Christmas cards. I really want to try this but not sure what door to use. Maybe my kitchen cabinets?

Use Scrabble pieces to put together names of children/grandchildren. Cute idea!

Caramel Apple Crumb bars. Can't wait to try these!

Hey mom do you have any old tea tins? :) Glue magnets to the back and use on the fridge!

Wooden letter ornament. Adorable!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

hi, my name is...

Just wanted to share a scrapbook page I did a few weeks ago! This one sat on my desk for quite awhile because I couldn't decide which letter stickers to use. I ended up spray misting the letters for 'hi', and I'm happy with how it turned out!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pinspiration Monday

Grinch Floats. I know a certain little girl who would LOVE these! The Grinch is my niece, Allie's, favorite movie to watch around Christmas time. I think she would watch it all year round if her parents would let her! Might have to make these for her this year!

Homemade Laundry Detergent. I'm really thinking about trying this. It says it is safe in HE machines.

This is so cute! I would love to try it for Levi's 2nd birthday....we'll see if I actually remember I pinned it when the time comes! :)
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Homemade Potato Ole's? Easy as store-bought potato crowns and a mix of spices!

This is obviously not something Paul or Levi would eat, but looks yummy to me!
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Fried pickles. Need I say more?

Levi would look freaking adorable in this outfit!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

18 months

Ohhhh wow, have I been slacking with this blog lately. I totally forgot about Pinspiration Monday this week, and I didn't have time to round up my pics for High Five for Friday. And I am just now getting around to Levi's 18 month post. You know, now that it's been over 2 weeks! Ha, oh well I guess.

This month for his pictures I took him to the mini sessions that Stephanie Foto ~ Stephanie Warzecha Photography had at the beginning of October. They went pretty well, and I am happy with them! Here are a few...

Yep....just a few! :)

His check-up this month went well for the most part. Dr. M thought his throat looked yucky so she had a strep test done (which was negative), and also his eyes were a little matty so she prescribed some drops. And he got a flu shot. Fun, fun. The drops sucked, I had to pretty much sit on him to get them in and he squeezed his eyes so tight that I could barely get the drops in. But they are done now, thank goodness. I brought him to the dr. a week later because he had a cough, and ended up getting some antibiotics for a slight bronchial infection. He goes back in to get a re-check on his tubes next week with the ENT dr., and the dr. he saw for his cough suggested I have her look at his tonsils. He is such a loud sleeper, and sometimes has trouble breathing when he is sleeping, and I think it is because his tonsils are so big. So, I am anxious to hear what she says.

At 18 months::

Weighs 25 lbs 11.5 oz.

Is 34.25 inches tall.

Wears 18 month bottoms and 24 month tops, size 5/5.5 shoe.

Has a definite mind of his own! He is a busy-body.

Loves his blankie and his binkers.

Gets excited when daddy comes home from work.

Goes to bed very well.

Saying tons of words. I don't think I could even list them all! I know I would forget half of them.

He's soooo smart! I just love watching him learn so many new things every day!

He is such a boy, he loves his tractors and loves being outside with daddy.