Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ear tubes

Well, Levi got his tubes put in this morning. It went just as fast as everyone had told us it would. Seriously, like 10 minutes and they were out saying he was all done. We still had to wait another 15 or so minutes until he woke up from the anesthesia, but still very quick. Everything went great the dr. said. The hardest part of the morning was the drive home. After we were ok'd to leave, I sat in the back seat with Levi so I could feed him some snacks since he was hungry. After he ate what he wanted, he wanted nothing but to be out of the car seat and for me to be holding him. Poor thing, I wanted to take him out so bad, but obviously I couldn't do that. He was SO tired, but just wouldn't let himself fall asleep. So most of the drive home he was whining or crying. Once we finally got home, I thought he would want to rock and take a nap. Nuh-uh. Crawled off my lap and went and played with his toys. Little stinker, momma didn't even get any cuddle time! :) He then proceeded to fall and bonk his head on the floor, so I had a moment of worry until Paul told me to calm down. Anyways, I fed him an early lunch, and by then he could barely keep his eyes open, so he was ready for a nap. All in all, he is pretty much back to his normal self. I am anxious to see how he sleeps tonight. As long as these tubes keep the ear infections away, for the most part, they will be worth it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

High Five for Friday

Friday again! Here are my five.

1. Paul and I had a great weekend doing some shopping in St. Cloud last weekend, and Levi got to spend the night at Grandma's house for the first time! It was my first night away from him since he was born! He did great for my mom, and we had a good time too. I found some clothes for myself which was nice! We went out for supper to Texas Roadhouse, so that was fun too. Must admit the fried pickles were my favorite part of the meal!! YUM! :)

2. Finally got some rain this week! It was needed around here, we've had a dry winter and the fields need some moisture.

3. My lovely new scarf!
 I got the orange-y one second from the right from A Lyttle Fryll Boutique. I love it and am excited to wear it this spring! Now I just need a cute jean jacket (like the one from Old Navy that I passed up and am regretting!!) to wear it with!

4. Levi took his first steps! As documented in my previous two posts! :)

5. We went and visited Jess and the kids this morning. Levi always has fun with his cousins and auntie!

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Levi walking!

Got some video of my little man taking some steps today! He was mad b/c I moved him, he wanted his car! So I guess that was where he headed! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Levi took his first steps last night! Just a few at a time back and forth to Paul and I. We were so proud and excited! And he was pretty proud of himself too! :) Then all of a sudden, he was done. On to the next thing. Silly boy.

Michele said he was doing it a lot at daycare too, so we are getting closer! By the time we got home tonight he was tired and not so much in the mood. We will have plenty of time to practice this weekend!

He has to learn to slow down a little and catch his balance before taking off! He just wants to GO, and then he falls forward too much before his feet can catch up. Little goofball. :) Maybe by the end of the weekend he will have mastered it! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

High Five for Friday

Ok, just realized I never posted this about Levi's ENT appt. last week! I wrote it up, but forgot to finish my five for Friday and never posted it. So the first paragraph was written last week, but I updated my five for this week! :)

We had his ENT appt. today (last Friday). The dr. said that because of how many ear infections he has had, he would benefit from tubes, but it was still our decision. She said that tubes are just a way to make the child more comfortable until they outgrow it and their ear tubes widen, instead of having them on the antibiotics so much longer. So we decided to go that route. Everyone that I've talked to that has had their kids get them say they would do it again in a heartbeat and they made a big difference. So I hope the same will be true for Levi. His surgery is scheduled for March 27th, 2 weeks from Tuesday. I am worried that he will get another infection between now and then, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Back to my high five for Friday!

1. Loving the gorgeous weather we are having lately! It's been great to be able to take Levi outside and enjoy the fresh air!

 2. I put a few Easter decorations up. I've never put any up before, but one of the things I love about those glass tealight holders is that you can easily change what is in there for the season. Makes the house look a little more festive. Hehe. (By the way, I got those from my sister-in-law who sells Gold Canyon candles. They are AWESOME!! Lots of great scents and fun decor. Actually, a lot of what is on that shelf I got from her. :)
3. I got to baby-sit my niece and nephew. 2 out of the 3! Our oldest niece is in 1st grade, and they had a fundraiser at her school that she and my sister- and brother-in-law needed to work at, so I got to babysit the younger 2 for a few hours. It was fun! Levi wasn't sure what to think of them being at his house though. He got used to it pretty quick though. Made me realize that I am NOT ready for another baby yet! Lol.

4. We are taking new member classes at our church. Well, soon to be our church. We've been attending the church that Paul's dad goes to, where Levi was baptised, and we decided to join. We've been enjoying the classes, and have been learning a lot. I am looking forward to being part of a church family again.

5. Mexican food! One of my girlfriends turned 30 this week, and we went out to a little Mexican place in Benson to celebrate. Mi Mexico has awesome food and I love it when I have an excuse to go. Paul is afraid to eat anything there, fearing his stomach will not agree with him, but I think he'd be pleasantly surprised at how many different options there are. I think I could just eat the chips and salsa all night and be happy! :) It was fun to spend some time with the girls too!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

party planning

Can't believe I am planning a first birthday party for my little man already. Yeesh! I am having fun with it though! :) I found an invite on Tiny Prints that I loved and went with the color scheme off of that. I spent a little bit of time putting together an inspiration board of my ideas last night. Yeah I know, good use of time that I could have spent doing other things. But if you know me well enough, you know once I get something in my head that is ALL I can think about! Haha. Anyhoo, here it is.
Nothing fancy, but just rounded up most of my thoughts and ideas in one place!

Paul and I are going to St. Cloud this weekend so I am hoping to get everything I need then. Speaking of which, Saturday night will be my first night away from Levi and I am torn on whether I will be able to just enjoy it or if I will be worrying the whole time. Most likely it will be a mix of emotions. I will just have to keep reminding myself that I get to sleep, un-interupted, all night! :) Thanks to my mom for keeping him, I'm sure she won't enjoy it at all! Hehe!

11 months

Levi Ben is 11 months old today.  One more month and he is already a year! Where has the time gone?! I think it was about this time last year that I was on bedrest for a week. Weird.

He was non-stop on the go again this month! No slowing down in sight! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you didn't read it in my last post, Levi has another ear infection. Hopefully getting the tubes in his ears will help. I'm hopeful. He will be finished with his medicine by the time of his surgery, so at least he will most likely be cleared up by then.

At 11 months, Levi::

Weighs about 23 lbs.

Is approximately 32 inches tall.

Still in size 4 dipes.

Size 12 month and some 18 month clothes.

Has a total of 6 teeth now! The top middle ones came through finally!

Balancing more on his own, but still not real interested in walking. Crawling is faster! I'm sure one day it will just 'click' and off he will go.

Still loves to scream and yell. He finally started saying mamama! Don't remember if he had started that by his 10 month post.

He's got a temper on him, little stinker. He's started banging his head on the floor if I put him down, or don't pick him up when he wants me to. Last week he started doing it on his crib now, too, at night. When we try to let him cry so he will go back to sleep we started hearing THUD THUD, WAHHHH! THUD THUD. Oh my, I think we might have our hands full.

Started clapping! SO cute!

We've had a few nice days recently and he has loved being outside.

That's all I can think of at the moment, so here are a few pics!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nice day

We had the first really nice spring day on Sunday and we took Levi outside for a little while. I took him for a walk, then we just played outside for a bit. On the deck and sidewalk where it wasn't muddy! I think he really liked it!

What little boy doesn't like to be outside? Can't wait for this summer!

On another not so fun note, I took Levi to the dr. again this morning after he was up screaming quite a bit last night again. You guessed it, another ear infection. Whatever doubt I had in my mind regarding him getting tubes is gone now. I'm sure we are doing the right thing, and they will help him. We are just ready for him to feel better so he can sleep better and just be the happy little boy we know he is. He will be done with his meds by the time of his surgery so that is good. Another nice day today, so we will be playing outside again! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

craft project for Levi's room

I have had this idea pinned on Pinterest for a loooong time. I think it was one of the first things I pinned! :)

I had planned on making one for Levi's room with an L, but never got around to it. I had a blank frame on his wall reserved for it. Well, the other day I finally just started and a couple nights later it was done. I am really happy with how it turned out!

I took a picture before I put it in the frame, but I ended up matting with yellow cardstock. I think I'm going to have to use a different method of adhesive, like spray adhesive, to get it to stick better though. I will have to take a picture of it on his wall sometime too.