Monday, July 29, 2013

Katie & Aubrey's baby shower

Yesterday afternoon we threw a baby shower for my sister and Aubrey. I had a lot of fun planning it, and am happy to say that it went really well! I got a little frazzled with everyone asking what they could do to help, I appreciated it all but I am not good at giving out orders! There was a wonderful turn out of family and friends of both Katie and Josh, and they got a ton of great gifts!

I didn't manage to get any pictures of the decorations before the guests started coming, so what I did get were from afterwards. Most of the ideas came from Pinterest, and I just put my own spin on them and combined a bunch of the ideas.

This was the whole serving area, it's kind of distracting with the kitchen in the back, but you get the idea. I made the banner with my Silhouette, and the diaper cake I purchased. The ribbon chandelier idea came from HERE, along with the idea to put the paper plates and napkins in the wooden box. I used THIS idea to serve the snack mix, and the recipe we used is from HERE. I found the punch recipe HERE. The cookie dough truffles came from Bakerella. And THIS pin was my color and centerpiece inpspiration.
Here are a few close-ups. Instead of a guestbook, I had guests take a card (from the Project Life Baby Edition for Her that I bought Katie for a gift) to write a note on and sign. I also had guests write their addresses on an envelope for easy thank-you's for Katie.
The guests of honor and I.
Us with our girls.
Four generations. My grandma, Katie & Aubrey, Me & Paige, and my mom.

Paige's Baptism

Last Sunday, we had Paige baptized at our church. We are thankful that our families were there to share the occasion with us! The dress that she wore was the same one that my sister and I wore at our baptisms, and it was made by my grandma (Paige's great-grandma). Of course I had to get a cute headband to match. :) Just have a couple pics to share from that day.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pics :: lately

I wonder how many posts I can title "Pics"?? Seems like a lot of them! Anyway, here are some recent ones! :)

Paige took a (short) nap in her crib while I put away some things last week, and I couldn't resist snapping a few pics.

My sweet girl and I.
Giving me a smile! It's amazing what you find yourself doing to get those little grins!

This is the closest I've gotten at getting a picture of them together. Levi won't make eye contact with my camera anymore, if he sees that I have it he avoids looking at me no matter how loud and obnoxious I try to be. Sometimes he'll say cheese, but he looks a different direction.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pinspiration monday

Well, it looks like my Pinspiration posts are going to have to be postponed for awhile. Pinterest got a new look, and along with it some of the features changed. Because of that, I'm not able to embed the pins into my posts like I used to. Hopefully they will fix that, because I know there are a lot of bloggers who do the same thing. Until then, you can follow me HERE to see everything I pin! Or you can click the button in the sidebar.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One month old!

Paige Cecelia is one month old already! Those four weeks just disappeared. I knew time would go faster having two kiddos, but with it being summer too, it just went that much faster!
We went in for what was technically supposed to be her two week check-up, but she was actually four weeks old. That's just how it worked out, I made it that day because Levi had to go in already for an ENT check-up and then we could only make one trip, but of course after I made Paige's appt., they called and re-scheduled Levi's, so we had to make two trips anyway. Oh well.
Paige at one month old::

Weighs 9 lbs 2.5 oz.

Is 21 3/4 inches long.

Wearing size 1 dipes.

Juuuust moving out of nb size clothes. 3 month onesies fit her better, but she still swims in 3 month pants. She has a long torso like Levi does.

Nursing really well.

Sleep isn't too bad. Mommy wishes she would sleep a little longer at night, but it will come. :)

Just starting to give me little smiles! She likes it when I make noises at her.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aubrey Jo

Finally getting some pics up from the day we met Aubrey! She is such a sweetheart! I can't decide if she looks more like her mommy or her daddy. I think I mentioned it in my last post, but she was born on July 4th.  Everything went well and baby and mommy both did great!

Proud auntie!
 Aubrey Jo weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long.
 Cousins! Just over three weeks apart!
 Cousins again, with my big boy in it this time. Gosh he looks huge, doesn't he?!
 Happy family of three.
 Sisters with our (hungry) baby girls! Both of them were ready to eat and not happy about waiting!

Congrats to my sister and Josh, so happy for both of you! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pinspiration Monday

Just popping in quick with my favorite pins from the past week. I am waiting for a load of laundry to dry so I have a shirt to wear then we are headed to town for some groceries!

This just looks amazing. Anything with strawberries and cream is a winner in my book.

Blueberry banana bread. MMMM. Love quick breads.

Old drawer fronts as hooks. Adorable!

I'm normally not much of a coke drinker, but this sounds good! I love anything with coconut!

Watermelon slushies. Levi and I tried these yesterday and they were really good! Next time I will use less sugar though, because they were a bit sweet.

Pretty sure I will need to take a pic like this when Levi goes to kindergarten.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July 2013

This was the best picture I could get of Levi on the 4th. Little stinker would NOT sit still or even glance in the direction of my camera. Turd. Oh well, he's two and there was a lot going on. We always have a good time on the 4th! I took Levi to the coin dig at the park that the bank sponsored, but he wasn't real interested. He found two dimes and when I looked down to check on Paige, then looked back up, he was gone and halfway up the steps to the slide. So I let him play for a bit, then we went home and got ready to head uptown.
 We walked the few blocks uptown and met up with Paul's parents for lunch. Hamburger and a Pork chop on a stick from the 4-H food stand for Paul and I, and Levi had a hot dog (surprise) from the Buddies tent. After we had some free ice cream, we took Levi over to the bounce house they had set up for the kids. It was supposed to be a big dragon, and you climbed in through his mouth, jumped inside of it, then slid out the tail. Well, there was no one there controlling it, so kids were just swarming it and Levi kept getting trampled. Even when he did have the chance to get inside on his own, he didn't want to. He was entertained just climbing up and down the teeth at the entrance. Which was probably good since he might have been a little small to be inside with that many other kids.

After that, we walked to our spot for the parade. I wanted a family picture but a certain someone was not about to cooperate, so we got this one of Paul, Paige and I. Once the parade started, Levi got the hang of picking up candy pretty quick. He would stand at the curb after every float and yell "More can-ey!" He got plenty since his cousins weren't there this year to share with. We hid that when he went to bed that night. :)
 Since it was so hot, Paul stripped him down when we got home and let him cool off in his pool. He thought that was hilarious. He kept squatting down and touching his tush in the water, then he would stand back up. Finally he sat down all the way. Haha!
And this year's 4th of July was extra special because my sister and her husband had their baby! I will do a separate post with a few pictures of when we met her next!

Pics | The past few weeks

Just a warning, this post has a lot of pics in it!

This was a great capture by my sister-in-law one afternoon that Levi spent out at their place while I took Paige to the doctor.
Which brings us to the next photo... Paige had to be on the bili blanket for a few days. It ended up being about 4 1/2 days total. Her bilirubin number was right on the edge of high at her one week check up, so Dr. M said I could either bring her to the hospital or bring her home and use the bili blanket for a few days. I didn't know what to do, and I wasn't prepared to go to the hospital that afternoon, so I just decided to get the bili blanket. So the picture below was the set-up for those days.
After bringing her back to the dr. after 2 days, Dr. M thought she should stay on it for another couple days to keep the number down. Then as luck would have it, she was gone on vacation the whole next week, and since Levi had an appt. on the 12th, I just made Paige's next appt. on that day too, which was two weeks away. The next day I got a call to reschedule Levi's ENT check up to the 2nd, but I wasn't able to get Paige's appt. rescheduled to that day. SO, I have been worrying the past couple weeks about whether or not she is gaining enough and if the jaundice is completely gone. Everyone says that she looks fine. So I hope that is the case when I bring her back on Friday.
I took the kids to the spray park one day last week when it was hot out. Levi loved it, he picked one of the sprays and that is the one he played by the entire time. Until he noticed the playground on the other side of the spray pad, that is, then he had to go check that out. Hopefully we can get over there to play more this summer.
Paige just chillin' in her bouncer.
"My hold her!"
Sleeping beauty!
Taking a popsicle break after playing with the hose outside last weekend.
OBSESSED. He loves spraying things with the hose. Thankfully he does pretty good (for the most part) and doesn't spray AT anyone, just on the ground and into his wagon and pool.
I laid Miss Paige down for a little bit of tummy time the other day and she must have been pooped from being outside in the warm air because she tucked her legs up and zonked right out! I think we have a future tummy sleeper, once she is able to roll over on her own.
Levi was playing in his pool, so I figured that was a good enough excuse to put Paige's swimsuit on her too. :) However, she was not a fan when I dipped her toes into the water.
And then there's this monkey...
Watermelon-a-holic. I think he had 3 or 4 wedges of it this afternoon. Yum!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pinspiration Monday

Since it's been a couple weeks since I did a Pinspiration post, I thought I would try and get one up today!

Baked Cheddar Dijon Chicken Tenders. I actually made these last week and they were really good! I would definitely make them again.

These just look SO good! I am planning on trying them sometime soon.

Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies. I mostly just want to try these out of curiosity. I love chocolate chip cookies and it would be neat if there were a 'healthier' version with less fat.

This would be fun to make for the fourth this weekend! Maybe for munchies while Paul is pulling at the tractor pull after the parade? :)

DIY ruffle headbands. So. Cute!

BLT Chopped Salad. I will for sure be trying this sometime soon! Looks delicious!

DIY changing pad that turns into a clutch to keep in the diaper bag. This would be handy I think! See how ambitious I get if I want to bust out my sewing machine and try it.

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