Saturday, March 26, 2011

38 weeks

Anytime now baby boy! We are ready for you! I have definitely reached the point of being "done". Knowing that I am slightly dilated, and just that he is full term, has made me super anxious. Plus, I am just tired and sore and exhausted all the time. Today, for instance, the most productive things I did from 7 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. were hard-boil some eggs, take a nap, and make myself lunch. I sat at the computer and caught up on my google reader and pinterest, if that counts. I just didn't feel like doing much of anything. But I guess I should enjoy it while I can, right? When Paul came home from the farm I got a little boost of energy and put another load of clothes in and sterilized the bottles and parts of my pump so it's ready to go. Now I am starting a scrapbook page, but I am taking a break from that for a minute.

I had another dr. appt. on Tuesday, and she took me off of bedrest so that was good. I was still dilated 2 cm, and I had lost 2 lbs which surprised me. Don't think that will be the case this week b/c I have been hungry like ALL the time. I went back to work Thursday and Friday, and will probably go now until I have the baby or until my due date. I must say that my feet were super-swollen on Friday...more than I have noticed so far any other time.

How far along?: 38wks 1 day
How big is baby?: Guessing almost 7 lbs
Weight gain?: As of Tuesday, lost 2 lbs since last week, but haven't weighed myself since
Stretch marks?: Yes unfortunately
Maternity clothes?: Yep, whatever fits over my belly
Sleep?: Getting worse. Last night I laid awake for awhile, and it hurts to roll over. Hard to get comfortable pretty much.
Best moment this week?: Getting taken off of bedrest I guess.
Food cravings?: I have been wanting something slushy the last few days, like a virgin pina colada or something sounds delicious!
Gender?: BOY
Movement?: Still squirming around, but I can tell his space is getting limited. He seems to like laying on my left side...I am usually lopsided.
Belly button?: It's raised, but I still don't think it's going to pop all the way out
What I miss?: Feeling normal, bending over, not being stiff and sore, being able to lift my legs without pain, and so on and so forth....
Labor signs?: Lord I hope they start showing up soon!! I have had a few BH contractions that hurt a little, but they are in no way regular. I have noticed that some of my BH last a really long time, like 1.5-2 minutes, so I don't know what that means if anything.
What I'm looking forward to?: Meeting our little boy, and holding him for the first time
Milestone?: Getting through another week...

I have my camera packed in the suitcase for the hospital already and didn't feel like digging it out so I just decided to use photobooth on my computer to get a quick picture. It works. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

37 weeks

It has been almost 5 days that I've been on bedrest, and I am so sick of that stupid chair! Lol. I try to stay sitting as much as possible but it's hard when I don't feel bad. My mom came up on Sunday and did a bunch of stuff for me, so that was really nice. She washed all the baby clothes, vacuumed, dusted, and made a few things to put in the freezer. Now I feel more ready for him to come than I have so far. He can come any time now and I will be happy!!! I am to the point where I want him OUT! :) I'm anxious to see what happens at my appt. on Tuesday if I make it that long. With my luck I won't go into labor for another 2 weeks. I guess only time will tell!

How far along?: 37wks 2 days
How big is baby?: Estimated 6 lb 7 oz at the ultrasound. Probably almost 7 lbs by now.
Weight gain?: 2 lbs at my appt. Tuesday so I'd guess a couple more since then, esp. since all I've been doing is sitting on my butt...
Stretch marks?: Ya..
Maternity Clothes?: Yep, what fits me.
Sleep?: Getting more uncomfortable. I put a pillow under my belly and that helps, but once I wake up in the morning I usually can't go back to sleep because my belly/hips are sore.
Best moment this week?: Realizing what great family and friends that I have...I've had visitors everyday since Thursday. I am also thankful for Paul and everything he's been doing.
Food cravings?: Not really.
Gender?: Baby boy!
Movement?: Yeah, plenty of that! Lately he's been pushing his behind into my ribs, which is super comfortable...
Belly Button?: Weird looking.
What I miss?: To put it simply...not being pregnant.
Labor signs?: Still having the BH contractions, hopefully something REAL soon!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Having this baby! And leaving the house for the first time in a week on Tuesday for my dr. appt.
Milestone?: FULL TERM!!! You can officially come out now little one! The sooner the better! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

boredom awaits...

Well, I had my weekly doctor appt. on Tuesday. For the most part everything went good. I had my first internal exam to check if I was dilated or anything, and to our surprise, I was already at 2.5 cm. Um, ok! Since I am not 'full term' quite yet, the dr. put me on bedrest for a week. Aaaack!! I totally understand why, because we want him to stay in there for as long as possible, but it still sucks. I was also measuring at 41 weeks, which is like waaay ahead, so I got to do another ultrasound. Everything looked good there, normal fluid levels and everything. The u/s tech said I was all baby, and that he looked like he might have long legs...must be from daddy b/c I sure don't have long legs! She also estimated that he was about 6lb 7 oz. So I figure if he stays in there for another week he can come out whenever, otherwise he is going to be HUGE! But the estimates from ultrasounds can be off quite a bit, so who knows.

Jess came over for a little bit this afternoon with Allie and Aaron, so that made the time go fast. She brought a pizza, and helped me take the tags off of some of the baby clothes so that when my mom comes up on Saturday she will help me wash them. Aaron was a good boy, he is getting so big! And Allie was, well, Allie...she was good most of the time except for a little fit upstairs. She is the one and only, that is for sure...such a goofball! :)

Hopefully the week will go fast. The dr. made it sound like I might be able to be off bedrest after my next appt., since by then I will be considered 'full term', and then what happens will happen. I'm not sure if I will want to go back to work if I get to be off bedrest, but we'll see what happens.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

nursery pics

Figured since I was at it, I would get the pictures of the baby room up too! Still a few things to do, and it already looks a little different since I took these pictures since I moved some things around yesterday afternoon, but for the most part it's done! :)

The rest of the frames will eventually have pictures in them, but I want to put some pieces of patterned paper in there for now. The frame on the floor behind the lamp/table will be on the wall, when Paul gets around to it. :) Between the chair and the crib we are putting a little book holder that I found at a craft sale last summer. I am still looking for a blackout panel to put on the window, under the valance. Not sure what color I should get, and if I can find one that looks right. Other than those few things, all we need now is a baby boy! :)

shower pics

Finally got the pics off my camera from the shower last weekend, and the one I have from yesterday's shower. I got a new point and shoot camera, and put my sister in charge of taking pics, but apparently she didn't get how to make it focus, so most of them are verrrry out of focus. (Plus I have to realize that the quality of a point and shoot is never going to be as good as my dslr unless I spend much more, which I won't. Anyhoo, that's another story..)


My two little helpers! :)

My two sisters-in-law that threw the shower. Katie, me, and Jess.

All the good stuff we got for the baby. Very thankful to everyone!

And the one pic off of my camera from the shower yesterday... Becca and I with our diaper cakes that Becky made! So cute! Can you tell that we were both getting over being sick?

36 weeks

This is one week that I'm glad is over. I was sick all week and stayed home from work Wednesday and Thursday morning. Nasty cold and a cough, ugh. Not fun. From Friday on I've been feeling a little better each day. Now I just feel like I am draining.

Yesterday morning we had a small shower for Becca and I with some of our friends. Becca is due on May 31st and is expecting a little girl. It was a really fun time! Not all of the girls were able to make it due to the weather, so there was 5 of us, plus one that came later. Jill and Becky hosted. The first thing we did was decorate onsies. Such a fun idea! Since there weren't a lot of us, we each got to decorate 2, one for a boy and one for a girl. After we had a light brunch, we both opened gifts. We got lots of fun stuff for the soon-to-be little ones! :) Becky also made some adorable diaper cakes for each of us! I only got a couple pictures, but Jill is going to email me the ones she took, so I will share those soon. I need to get on the ball and get the pictures off of my camera from last week's shower too!

Well I am 36 wks along and feeling more ready than ever to meet this little guy. He's squirming around in there right now. :) I feel so huge, and it is hard to bend over and do certain things. I want to get through another week or two so he is officially 'full-term', then he can come whenever he wants to!! I have a dr. appt. on Tuesday, and from then on I will be going every week. I will be getting my first internal exam so I'm a little nervous for that. I'm not expecting anything to be happening yet, so I will be surprised if she says I am dilated at all. Even though I could stay that way for a few weeks without progressing. I also will have to start taking pee-tests at each visit...not sure how well that's going to go when I can't see what's going on down there! Ha!

How far along?: 36 wks 2 days
How big is baby?: Still the size of a honeydew on the bump. My guess is around 5 lbs, but I could be way off.
Weight gain?: I weighed myself a few days ago and hadn't gone up anything, but it does vary each day. Hopefully it's not much when I go on Tuesday.
Stretch marks?: Boo :(
Maternity clothes?: Whatever I can fit into without my belly showing...
Sleep?: Not so great early in the week since I was sick, but the last couple nights have been better. It's starting to get uncomfortable when I roll over now.
Best moment this week?: Our shower with the girls on Saturday, for sure! I have great friends! :)
Food cravings?: Varies...I have been in the mood for Subway again lately.
Gender?: Boy!
Movement?: Yep, lots of squirming and pushing most days.
Belly button?: Funny looking, but not popped.
What I miss?: Ohhh, the list is growing... Bending over, leaning forward to eat, wearing cute shoes and normal clothes, just being comfortable...
Labor signs?: Nothing besides the Braxton Hicks contractions, which I am having pretty often some days now.
What I'm looking forward to?: As weird as this sounds, I am looking forward to going into labor, just because then I know we will have our little boy in our arms soon.
Milestone?: Well, I am down to twenty-something days left!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

35 weeks

This was actually a pretty good week! My dr. appt. on Thursday went well. I'm still measuring about a week and a half ahead...maybe that means the baby will come early!? Heartbeat was in the 140's and everything sounded good!

A couple other exciting things: We got the frames on the wall in the baby's room, now we just need pics to fill them. :) I will post some pics of the room soon. Also, my first baby shower was on Saturday! SO much fun! There was mostly family there, and it went really good. I had plenty of help opening gifts from two little munchkins named Madison and Allie. :) I will also post pics from that as soon as I get them uploaded from my camera.

We put the car seat bases in the vehicles today too. That was interesting. Let's just say Paul got a little frustrated... It all worked out though, and they are in! Just have to have them inspected now to make sure it's correct and ready to go!

How far along?: 35 wks 2 days
How big is baby?: The size of a honeydew. Between 4 and 5 1/2 lbs. When I had that ultrasound at 31 wks, my dr. said he wasn't a huge baby and was in the 66th percentile.
Weight gain?: At my appt. I had gained 2.5 lbs, so around 34 lbs total. Hopefully I won't gain too much more.
Stretch marks?: Don't remind me...
Maternity clothes?: Yeap.
Sleep?: Pretty good for the most part. Can't seem to get enough of it though.
Best moment of the week?: Definitely my shower! Lots of fun, and we are thankful for all the gifts we received!
Food cravings?: Still stuck on the chocolate and iced tea. Pretty much anything that isn't good for me...trying to keep on track though.
Gender?: BOY!
Movement?: Yep, plenty of wiggling around in there! I had my first "scare" the other day, where he was really quiet most of the day when he's usually active. He would always move just enough so that I didn't get too worried, but it was just a weird feeling. I mentioned it to my dr. at my appt. and she said he would have his slow days, but as long as I felt him every so often it was ok. She also said he would be slowing down a little now that he's running out of room in my tummy.
Belly button?: Still looks like a crater, raised around the edges. I've been coughing a little today so whenever I couch it pokes's amusing.
What I miss?: The list is growing...I think I have reached that point where I am over being pregnant and just want to hold my baby and my body feel normal again.
Labor signs?: Still plenty of BH contractions, but nothing painful or regular yet thank goodness. I am ready to be done, but I know he needs to cook in there a few more weeks!! :)
What I'm looking forward to?: Another shower on Saturday with my girlfriends. This one is for my friend Becca, who is due at the end of May, and myself. Just a small get-together with all of us girls. It will be lots of fun, I'm sure of that!
Milestone?: 35/35 on Friday! 35 wks along, and 35 days to go. Actually less than that now. Exciting and scary at the same time! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my kitchen!

I decided to join the linky party over at Love Stitched and show off our kitchen!

We bought our house about a year and a half ago, and since then we've done a lot of cleaning and touching up...we've painted every room except one. I honestly don't think the people that owned the house before we did knew what cleaning was. As in, there were outlines on the walls from where their furniture was. Yeah. Ick. Luckily we had lots of family willing to come help us out, so it went pretty quick. Once we painted the wood paneling upstairs, we put in new carpet that we love! We got in on that tax credit, so we used that to put new windows in the whole house, but we haven't been able to afford to put trim on them yet. That really doesn't bother me since we're saving so much on heat now. Hopefully it will happen in the next year or so.

Back to the kitchen... I'll start with showing you pictures of what it looked like before:

It wasn't too bad, just a little outdated. And here it is after we made some minor changes:

Amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do! Just painting and changing out the cabinet handles made a huge difference! At first we weren't planning on getting new appliances all at once, but the local store happened to have a great deal (5 years no interest!) that we couldn't pass up. The old stuff was in pretty rough shape, so I think it was for the best! Eventually we are planning on putting new flooring in, but again, have to wait until we can afford it. I am in LOVE with our island from Ikea!! Not sure where I would have put our pots and pans without it...not a ton of cabinet space. :) I actually made a special trip just to get it...we don't get to Ikea too often since the nearest one is sadly 3 hours away! But I loved it so much one of my girlfriends and I made a road trip. :) FYI we fit both boxes in the back seat of her Pontiac Grand was interesting trying to get them in there LOL. Totally worth it though!! :)

So that is the story of my kitchen. Sorry it got kind of long! :)

This is my first time posting to a linky party. I am kind of excited! Make sure to check out everyone else's kitchens too!