Friday, March 28, 2014

9 months

Only about 3 weeks late! ACK! Both kids have changed their daytime sleep routines so we are all out of whack right now, including myself as I try to adjust to not having any kid-free time to refresh my mindset after lunch. I used to do my blog posts during nap time, but now that Levi refuses to take a nap anymore, that has been tough. Obviously! :) Things will settle again eventually, I'm sure. Hopefully sooner than later. Being able to get outside to play would be helpful, as well. (AHEM, mother nature, get the hint!!) But anyway, I will get right to the few pictures I was able to snap of Miss Never-Stops-Moving for this month! (These were actually taken at the right time of the month, just haven't gotten them posted until now.)
 Yeah, she's pretty darn cute, but she is a spitfire!

At 9 months, Paige::

- Weighs 16 lbs 11 oz. (13th percentile)

- Is 28.5 inches tall. (79th percentile)

- Wearing size 9 month and some 12 month clothes.

- In size 4 dipes.

- Speed crawler.

- She takes a few steps at a time, but still hasn't quite taken off yet. Crawling is faster! She cruises around furniture like crazy though.

- Claps her hands and does "So big", when she feels like it of course. ;)

- Loves being close her her brother. And also loves anything that he happens to be playing with at any given moment.

- Eats like a bird. She will barely drink a 6 oz. bottle at one time. Usually it's around 4 oz. every 4 hours or so. Evenings we make an 8 oz bottle and she will usually drink 6-7 oz. of it, although it takes for. ev. er. since she falls asleep while drinking it.

- Speaking of sleep. It's hit and miss. Some nights she does really good, other nights she's up a couple times. We have been letting her cry a little, and Paul goes in there instead of me, since she knows I'm more likely to give in and pick her up.

- Like I mentioned right away, her daytime sleep schedule is changing. She WILL NOT take a nap for me in the morning like she used to, around 9:30. So then she is tired around noon, and only sleeps for about an hour and a half, and then is tired again by right after supper. So we've been having early bedtimes all around lately. Hopefully it will fall into place soon. The fighting sleep stage is the worst. SLEEP IS GOOD, CHILDREN!! :) Haha.

- She loves making noises.

- She climbs on anything she is able to get her leg up to. No fear whatsoever.

Love our silly, spunky girl!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Right Now Challenge | 8

It's been awhile since I did one of these posts, and I have a bunch to share!

- From the other room this morning, I hear Levi tell Paige, "No Paige, you not 'posed to stand that close to tv! It hurt your eyes. It going hurt your eyes you stand too close tv." Haha, if only he would follow his own advice...

- Levi comes over to where Paige and I are sitting on the couch, and tells me he is a super-hero. He puts his arms up and says "GO 'WAY DANGER! GO 'WAY! My save you Mommy Paige! Go 'way danger!" He has no shortage of imagination.

- When Levi woke up from hi nap today, we had to "follow footprints" downstairs.

- "'Cause why, momm? 'Cause why?"

- Levi is very into pretending lately. So funny!"

- Paige likes to carry things around in her mouth while she crawls. Like socks, wooden puzzle pieces that have the knob on them, etc. Silly girl!"

- Levi always wants "a bunch" of something.

- While Levi was still sleeping, I had gotten out some ping pong balls and a muffin tin for Paige to play with. When he woke up he wanted to know what it was for, so I just told him it was some things for Paige to play with and teach her how to put things into something else, or something like that. A little bit later, Paige crawls over and grabs the tin, and the balls go flying. Levi exclaims, "No Paige! That not playing! That not learning!"

- On the way out to the farm one morning there were some bumps on the road from the snow and ice.
   Levi: "Paige scared of bumps mommy."
   Me: "You better protect her and tell her it will be ok then."
   Levi: talks to P and tells her this and that and it will be ok
   Levi: "Paige not scared anymore."
   Me: "Well that's good! You're such a good big brother protecting her."
   Levi: After a pause. "Yep. My not wan' lose her."
   Me: "You don't want to lose Paige?"
   Levi: "Ah-huh."
Be still my heart!!

- After coming downstairs when we woke up this morning, Levi tells me he cold. Then he says, "My just want be warm like sun." He is too cute.

Other things he says lately:
- "That sounds like great idea, mommy!" or "That's great idea!"

- "My outside so my can use my outside voice now? My can only scream outside! My going to scream outside!"

- "That not fair!"

Levi is full of personality and imagination! Some of the things he says just crack me up. I try and write down the good ones. If I wrote down all the funny things he said, I would basically have a running script from every single day. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In | 7

Another bi-weekly weigh-in since I skipped last week. I actually lost last week, I just never got around to typing up my blog post. I know I have been super lazy with my blog in general lately. We are currently in the middle of getting carpet in my craft room/office, and we thought it was going to get done on Monday, but just our luck, the place we got the carpet was out of what we picked out until Friday. So, I have the contents of that whole room scattered in various places around our house. It's no one's fault, just a pain in the rear for the time-being. When it's finished and I have everything back in order I'll be sure the share a picture.

Anyway, back to the topic of the post in the first place! I went down again this week, so that is good. I am finally starting to see some small changes in my body, so that is always a good motivation for me. After this weekend, I kind of got off track of recording my food, but I am hoping to get started up again soon. I don't feel like I've been going overboard by not keeping track, I've still been making sure to watch what I am eating. Working out has been going pretty well also. I am still enjoying the program that I'm doing, but I'm getting a little bored with doing the same HIIT routine on the cardio days. I was able to get outside one day the past week for a run, and it felt really good to be outside again, so hopefully the weather will allow that more often pretty quick here!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Today's weight: 155
+/- from last week: -3.6
Total loss: -8.5

I'm going to cheat and skip the goals portion because a certain someone just woke up from her nap! :)