Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of july weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun. Again, we stayed pretty close to home. The parade in Hancock is always good, and we usually go to that on the 4th. It was extra-fun this year since the girls were there! They make things so much more entertaining!

 Pretty cute shades, huh?

The car in the top pic is representing where I work! (Nice signs too, I wonder who made them!?) The girls absolutely LOVED the horses! Especially since there was a baby one. It was pretty dang cute, who can resist any sort of baby animal? We sat pretty close to the beginning of the parade, so there was plenty of candy. I had to sneak any if I wanted it, otherwise it was snatched out of my had before I knew what hit me! Haha!

Saturday night we went uptown to the street dance. That was another great time! The band was really good too. And lets just say it's a good thing we walked home...

On another note, received this lovely package in the mail today! I am super excited to make a mini album. I've never done one before but I think this will be a great start. Now I just have to decide what I'm going to make it about...I'm thinking I'll do our vacation this year to the Black Hills. WHICH, might I add, is only a week away! YES!!!

This awesome little album is from Memories in a Binder, and you can find more here.

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