Monday, August 9, 2010

baby Aaron

Welcome to the world, Aaron Gregory! Our first nephew was born on August 3...he is almost a week old! He was just a little peanut, 7 lb 3 oz 20 inches long. The girls are loving having a baby brother!

I went to a concert on Saturday night with a friend. It was really fun! The band was called Hairball, and they were an '80's cover band. Right up my alley! Next time I definitely want to take Paul along, he would have had a blast too. It was down at Jackpot Junction Casino, so I ran into a lot of people that I knew from high school. It was fun to see old friends again, it was just too bad we didn't have too  much time to talk or anything.
Fair time is already here this week too. That means no cooking for me 3 out of 5 nights this week! Score! :) Probably not the healthiest, but it's only once a year and we don't really go overboard. The must-haves for me are fresh made fries, a steak sandwich from the cattlemen's tent, pork chop on a stick, and a strawberry shake...mmmmm! Not all on the same night mind you! Lol.
Paul is in the middle of combining wheat with his dad and brother tonight. I know they are done with Paul and Mark's field, so now they are working on getting his dad's finished. Usually I am able to ride with Paul since he's usually running trucks to and from town, but I haven't gotten out there yet this year. Maybe this weekend if they are still going. Sounds like it's a possibility since there are chances of rain all week. Even though it is a stressful time getting the grain off, I think they are getting good yields, so hopefully when all is said and done Paul will be happy with everything. The corn and beans look really good also, but it wouldn't hurt to get some of that rain they are talking about. Sounds contradictory, since they want the rain to stay away to get the wheat off, but on the other hand it would be really helpful for the other crops! I guess that's part of the farming game! Wouldn't have it any other way though. :)

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