Monday, April 30, 2012


Levi got his first haircut last week! We brought him to the salon uptown on Thursday. I was nervous about how he would do, so I told Paul I really wanted him along. Plus, I needed someone to take pictures! :)

He was NOT a fan. He was suspicious as soon as we walked in. I thought maybe if we gave him a sucker he would concentrate on that, but of course he wanted nothing to do with it. As soon as Annette got close to his head with the scissors, he would pull away. It was a team effort to keep him still...I held his arms and body, while Paul held his head, so Annette could cut. She did a good job for how difficult he was. Poor thing was just red by the time we were tears whatsoever, he was just MAD. Hopefully he's not too traumatized, and the next time will go better! Time will tell!

After some snuggles with momma and his blankie when we got home, he was fine, as you can see! He looks like such a big boy now! So handsome! :) Love my little man!

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