Wednesday, May 14, 2014

11 months

Oh man, I can't believe that Paige is only a MONTH away from being ONE YEAR OLD!! So crazy!

Good grief, is this girl ever filled with personality! She is a hoot. And already showing us how sassy she is going to be when she is older!

Paige, at 11 months old::

- In mostly 12 month clothing.

- I don't have an official weigh-in, but I am guessing around 19 lbs.

- I know she has gotten a tiny bit taller! No official number though.

- Still in size 4 diapers.

- Still only two teeth! All four on the top are so close, but are taking FOR. EV. ER. to come through.

- Picking up speed with walking. Pretty soon she will be running. Yikes!

- She knows how to come down the stairs. She'll turn around and go down backwards. She actually picked up on this pretty quick, I only helped her a few times and next thing I know she is doing it on her own.

- Now that we are all feeling better (other than those darn teeth), she has actually been sleeping ok. Nothing worth bragging about, but for her track record, it hasn't been too bad!

- Still a pretty light eater. She is definitely getting favorites now. She loves grapes, oranges, cheese in any form, puffs, tomatoes, and pretty much any fruit really. She'll eat most meat..chicken, pork, etc.

- Still not a fan of getting her diaper changed or putting clothes on. I think she just does it to be difficult...when I change her diaper, she rolls over and is up on her feet as soon as I let go of her to wrap the diaper up. Then she runs away and looks back at me and grins, like "Haha, I got away! Now you have to come catch me!" Stinker.

- She is going to be another talker. She babbles and "talks" to us constantly, like she is having an actual conversation with us. She has a little attitude too! Paul and I joke that she is telling us off sometimes the way she squeals and screams at us, looking at you straight in the eye!

- She just started doing "All done!" when I say that do her. She'll put her hands up and to her sides.

- She's catching on to signing "more". She copies me when I do it.

- I might have forgotten this on last month's, but she is also shaking her head, and nodding when we say yes or no, and copying us.

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