Tuesday, September 28, 2010

update & rant

Well, we finally got to hear the heartbeat of our little bean!! It was amazing. I actually ended up having an ultrasound as well, just to verify how far along I was. According to that, I am a week earlier than they originally thought. So I could have my due date changed, but the dr. has to check everything out, so we won't know until my next appointment what she says. Anyways, thought I would share the picture because I am super excited about it!! I don't have a scanner, so I just took a picture of it from my fridge. :)
It was just crazy to see it moving around in there! And move it did! Wiggly already! Can't wait until I can feel it moving. :)

Ok, on to my rant...maternity clothes. Specifically Old Navy and Gap. Seriously cute stuff. Most of which is available online only, and return by mail only. Which means you pay $7 for shipping to GET it, then another $6 to RETURN it if it doesn't fit. So dumb. It would be one thing if it came with a free returns label, but when you have to pay to return it, that is just bs. And the fact that most of the things I want I won't even be able to see in the store when I do finally get to go shopping is ridiculous too. I totally see where my sis-in-law was coming from when she said maternity clothes shopping stinks. Don't get me wrong, I am excited, but I know I will get plenty frustrated. Another thing that bites is how much it all costs. I guarantee I will have to spend over $30 to get a decent pair of jeans. Ughhhh...oh well, only time will tell! Maybe I'll luck out and find a store with a good selection!! :) Wish me luck.

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