Sunday, February 27, 2011

34 weeks

Another lazy Sunday! I was extremely unproductive today. I could have gotten a lot more done, but couldn't get the motivation to do much of anything. It was like 4:00 before I really did anything besides make lunch. Ugh, guess no more complaining about not having time to do things when I waste away a day like I just did.

I had Friday off though, so I did get quite a bit more done then. I have all of the prints ready to go for the baby's room except for one. (this) Need to get a few more brads and buttons for that one first, and I don't want to give away the first initial of his name yet! :) Anyways, I just want to fill the rest of the frames with patterned paper until we have pics to go in them, and then they will be ready to be put up. Yay!

Mom and grandma came up yesterday to make some alterations on the crib skirt and curtain. It was the first time my grandma has seen the baby room since we painted, so it was fun to have them up to visit for awhile. Too bad it had to snow AGAIN, so they had to go sooner. So sick of snow....

How far along?: 34 wks 2 days
How big is baby?: The size of a honeydew! Between 4-5 lbs...gettin' bigger!
Weight gain?: At the beginning of the week I hadn't gained much, but I'm thinking I put on a few pounds over the last few days. Better watch it this week since I have an appt. on Thursday..
Stretch marks?: Yep :(
Maternity clothes?: Honestly, getting sick of them. I am ready to wear normal clothes again. Especially since a lot of my shirts are short now, so I am more limited.
Sleep?: Some nights better than others. I still can't keep myself on my left side all night...I wake up on my back or right side a lot. So hopefully it's not hurting anything. Guess it's something I'll have to ask at my appt.
Best moment of the week?: Having Friday off, even if we didn't get to go shopping. I like not having to go to work. Ha.
Food cravings?: Dark chocolate and iced tea lately. I go through those little packets of iced tea like a box a week, and I have to really use some will power not to have more than three bite-size Dove dark chocolates after lunch.
Gender?: Boy!
Movement?: Oh yeah, plenty. I was amusing myself at work the other day trying to catch it on the video camera on my phone. Got a little action: check it out. Some days it's way more, but it's still fun to see a little! (Don't mind the background noise! :)
Belly button?: Crater-like. Paul thinks it will pop, but I'm not so sure yet.
What I miss?: Feeling normal.
Labor signs?: Had quite a few BH contractions this week I think. They don't hurt, but my stomach gets tight and it feels like he is bunched up right under my ribs and my stomach is hard. I feel them a lot when I am just sitting at work, so it's kinda weird. They usually don't last real long.
What I'm looking forward to?: My first shower this weekend!! Jess and Katie are throwing one for me in Morris on Saturday, and I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!
Milestone?: I got nothin'... Getting through another week...

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