Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my kitchen!

I decided to join the linky party over at Love Stitched and show off our kitchen!

We bought our house about a year and a half ago, and since then we've done a lot of cleaning and touching up...we've painted every room except one. I honestly don't think the people that owned the house before we did knew what cleaning was. As in, there were outlines on the walls from where their furniture was. Yeah. Ick. Luckily we had lots of family willing to come help us out, so it went pretty quick. Once we painted the wood paneling upstairs, we put in new carpet that we love! We got in on that tax credit, so we used that to put new windows in the whole house, but we haven't been able to afford to put trim on them yet. That really doesn't bother me since we're saving so much on heat now. Hopefully it will happen in the next year or so.

Back to the kitchen... I'll start with showing you pictures of what it looked like before:

It wasn't too bad, just a little outdated. And here it is after we made some minor changes:

Amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do! Just painting and changing out the cabinet handles made a huge difference! At first we weren't planning on getting new appliances all at once, but the local store happened to have a great deal (5 years no interest!) that we couldn't pass up. The old stuff was in pretty rough shape, so I think it was for the best! Eventually we are planning on putting new flooring in, but again, have to wait until we can afford it. I am in LOVE with our island from Ikea!! Not sure where I would have put our pots and pans without it...not a ton of cabinet space. :) I actually made a special trip just to get it...we don't get to Ikea too often since the nearest one is sadly 3 hours away! But I loved it so much one of my girlfriends and I made a road trip. :) FYI we fit both boxes in the back seat of her Pontiac Grand Prix...it was interesting trying to get them in there LOL. Totally worth it though!! :)

So that is the story of my kitchen. Sorry it got kind of long! :)

This is my first time posting to a linky party. I am kind of excited! Make sure to check out everyone else's kitchens too!


  1. hhmmm that island seems to be VERY popular :) I love the little things you did....it brightened up your kitchen :)

    thanks so much for linking up to my party!! :) xoxox

  2. i love that island-i am determined to make it work in my kitchen...the boyfriend doesn't agree. boo hoo. somehow your kitchen seems so brighter and lighter, yet you have darker appliances. great job!