Monday, April 11, 2011

40 weeks

I am still here, and still pregnant! I'm actually at 40w3d, so a few days past my due date. At my appt. last Wednesday, there really wasn't much changed from the week before...I was still at 3 cm. I've been getting some stronger BH contractions once in awhile, but I get like 2 or 3, then they stop. My dr. said they don't interfere until 41 wks or over, and she said at my next appt. which is tomorrow, that we would talk about induction if I hadn't gone in by then. Well, it's looking like that might be what happens. Which is fine with me! I am ready to meet this little stinker! :)

I started my maternity leave today. It was nice to sleep in a bit and just relax this morning. I got the itch to organize and get rid of some things upstairs, so I worked on that for awhile. Then came down and had lunch and went for a walk, so I will probably go finish my project pretty soon. Otherwise I really haven't done much. I should really go get a few groceries, but I just don't feel like it. :) Maybe Paul will come with me when he gets home from work. Otherwise it can wait.

No picture this week unless I edit with one later. Paul took a few of me on the deck before we went out for supper Friday night, but the cord for the camera is packed in my bag, which is in the pickup. It's part of the battery charger. I still sort of wish we would have had someone take some of both of us, but it just didn't work out, and we didn't want to pay for maternity pictures. We are planning on having nice family ones this summer!

Well hopefully we'll have baby news soon! :)

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