Friday, April 1, 2011

latest obsession

I had been hearing a lot about Pinterest lately, so I checked it out and decided that I had to join in the fun! :) And fun it is!! I have developed a slight obsession with pinning anything and everything that I come across in my google reader that I love. Most of what I've pinned are scrapbook pages and recipes. Here is a peek at my dashboard..

It's fun to follow other's boards too, and re-pin things. I am a dork, I know! But I follow quite a few blogs in my Google reader, and this is an easier way than starring posts to bookmark everything I want to remember or try. With the starring I have to scroll all the way through things and usually forget about them, but with Pinterest you can see the picture and then follow the link right to the post. I am in love! :) Check out my pins here, and make sure to do some exploring!

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