Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 months

Levi Ben is 4 months old already! Actually a few days ago. Growing and learning lots of new things! Not sure where the time is going, but it's definitely going FAST. I'm trying to enjoy every day with him and cherish every moment. It's funny how even though he's only 4 months old, when I look back at the pictures of when he was first born I think, awww he was so teeny!! He's getting to be a chunk :) We just love him so much!!

At 4 months....
weighs 16 lbs .5 oz (according to the Public Health Nurse that stopped over a few days before his 4 mo. bday)

not sure about length, the P.H. Nurse measured 25", but at his 2 mo. check-up he was 26.5"?? Not sure, but I'm thinking more towards 27" now. Find out soon I guess!

loves to smile! it doesn't take much to make him smile if he is in a good mood!

has the most adorable giggle!

grabbing for anything that is within reach, then pulling immediately to the mouth

found his feet! he is always grabbing them, especially when getting his diaper changed. brings them right to his mouth too.

getting wise to the car seat...he pushes his feet against the bottom, arches his back, and lifts his butt up. once he's in he's fine usually, just gotta be difficult! :)

lifts his butt up off the floor/changing table when getting his diaper changed...makes it tricky!

rolls over from his back to his tummy. doing this when I put him down to sleep now too.

speaking of sleep. going backwards in that department. the past few weeks have been tough. throw a few days of vacation in there and it makes it worse. gone are the days of waking up only once to eat. I'm not sure why he won't sleep better, but it's making one frustrated and sleep-deprived mommy. Especially the last week or so, he does not want to go down for a nap or anything. I can tell he's tired, but it takes me FOR-EV-ER to get him to go to sleep and stay asleep when I lay him down. He has a bit of a stuffy nose, but I brought him to the dr. this wk-end and he is fine, no ear infection or anything, so I've been using saline drops and suctioning the mucus out a few times a day. So I don't know if that is making him wake up, or what. It's possible that he's teething, but I don't know what to look for to know for sure. What I do know is that he is overtired and needs sleep, but won't stay asleep. I am to the point where I'd be willing to try the cry-it-out method, but I kind of want to wait until his 4 month check-up to talk to Dr. Meyer first. Too bad that's not for another 2 weeks. Can you tell this is stressing me out? Anyways...moving on...

still breastfeeding, with me pumping at work so he can take a bottle at daycare.

just moved into size 3 diapers. they're a little big, but 2's were too small.

wearing size 6 month clothes, and already growing out of some.

has a bit of cradle cap that won't go away. just tonight I tried some baby oil, so we'll see if that works. it made his hair super greasy though, even after I washed it. but I want the cradle cap to go away because it's making his hair fall out. :(

still loves bath time! kicks and splashes with his feet a lot.

just started practicing sitting. we've got a ways to go with that yet.

he loves to hear his own voice! he squeals and screams and babbles. it's so cute :)

now here are some pics of my peanut from the past month:


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