Saturday, October 1, 2011


FEELING tired. sore. achy. I guess that's what shopping all morning and being on your feet most of the day will do.

HOPING that harvest goes well and is done before too late this year. So far so good.

NEEDING a neck and shoulders are so tight. Pretty sure it is from always having a munchkin in my arms.

WISHING that money grew on trees. Ha.

LOVING all the new things that Levi is learning lately. Blowing bubbles, putting his paci back in his own mouth, up on all fours, scooting/army crawling to get where he wants, and just today he starting lifting his butt up so he'll be on just his hands and feet. He is such a goof. Love that little booger.

WORRYING about weaning Levi from nursing. I was planning on doing it at 6 months, but I am having second thoughts at times. It doesn't help that he won't take a bottle from me anymore. Apparently he wised up and decided that I want the real deal from mom! That is a whole nother topic that I will probably end up going into more detail on in his 6 month post. Or not. Depends if it's resolved and if I remember. Ha.

WONDERING if I will ever lose these last 10 pounds and feel like I look good again. Hopefully this winter if Paul is home more to watch Levi I can get some workouts in. My biggest problem is watching what I eat. I try, but it's so hard!! I have a love/hate relationship with food. I have a crappy metabolism too, always have. Aaaanyways....

EXCITED for Levi's 6 month pictures on Tuesday!!! Stephanie Foto from Morris is going to be taking them. From what I've seen, she does a great job. Hopefully he'll cooperate and not be a cranky pants! My mom is going to come with so that will be nice too. I will share them as soon as I get the cd I'm sure!

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