Saturday, October 22, 2011


Levi's first taste of actual baby food, not just rice or oatmeal cereal, was squash! We started on Tuesday night after we got the ok at his check-up that day. We'll be working our way through the veggies and fruits, one for 4 days before we try another. Just to make sure he doesn't have a reaction to any. I'm fairly certain he'll be fine, since neither Paul nor I have any allergies to foods.

Daddy gave him his first few bites so mommy could take a few pics! He wasn't super excited about it. But he didn't hate it. I don't think he exactly *liked* it, but he ate it. He did better with it mixed into his cereal, probably not quite as strong that way! The next few days were the same thing, not crazy about it, but he ate it.

Next up: Avocado! I'm going try and get pics of his reactions to each new thing we try!

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