Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nice day

We had the first really nice spring day on Sunday and we took Levi outside for a little while. I took him for a walk, then we just played outside for a bit. On the deck and sidewalk where it wasn't muddy! I think he really liked it!

What little boy doesn't like to be outside? Can't wait for this summer!

On another not so fun note, I took Levi to the dr. again this morning after he was up screaming quite a bit last night again. You guessed it, another ear infection. Whatever doubt I had in my mind regarding him getting tubes is gone now. I'm sure we are doing the right thing, and they will help him. We are just ready for him to feel better so he can sleep better and just be the happy little boy we know he is. He will be done with his meds by the time of his surgery so that is good. Another nice day today, so we will be playing outside again! :)

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