Wednesday, March 14, 2012

party planning

Can't believe I am planning a first birthday party for my little man already. Yeesh! I am having fun with it though! :) I found an invite on Tiny Prints that I loved and went with the color scheme off of that. I spent a little bit of time putting together an inspiration board of my ideas last night. Yeah I know, good use of time that I could have spent doing other things. But if you know me well enough, you know once I get something in my head that is ALL I can think about! Haha. Anyhoo, here it is.
Nothing fancy, but just rounded up most of my thoughts and ideas in one place!

Paul and I are going to St. Cloud this weekend so I am hoping to get everything I need then. Speaking of which, Saturday night will be my first night away from Levi and I am torn on whether I will be able to just enjoy it or if I will be worrying the whole time. Most likely it will be a mix of emotions. I will just have to keep reminding myself that I get to sleep, un-interupted, all night! :) Thanks to my mom for keeping him, I'm sure she won't enjoy it at all! Hehe!

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