Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday

I know, I know. I missed last week. We were pretty busy all day. Paul had the day off, so we spent a lot of the afternoon at the farm. And I think I honestly just forgot that it was Friday because I am not used to having Paul home on weekdays. It felt more like a Saturday.

Anyway, here are my five!

1. Jess and I took Aaron and Levi to the RFC (Regional Fitness Center at the UMM Campus) to play at the tot gym, which is really just a closet with a bunch of toys they can play with in the big gym there. They had a good time, and no one got hurt! Jess and I have come to the conclusion that those two are going to have a love/hate relationship as they get older. They love to give hugs, but then the next minute one is mad that the other is playing with a toy he dropped 10 minutes ago. Boys will be boys I guess! They looooved all the balls, as you can see by the first picture!
2. Playing in the leaves after mommy raked them all up! He thought it was funny when I put his slide in the pile! They didn't keep his attention for as long as I thought they would though. Imagine that!
3. Just some pics I have posted on Instagram over the past week. Watching cartoons. Future hoarder?? After nap hair. This morning having juice and some breakfast on the couch.
4. I got to take some senior pictures on Sunday last weekend. It was fun, and thankfully the family had a lot of ideas for locations, etc. I am always nervous with how they will turn out, especially since this was the first time I've taken pics for a non-family member! Hoping tonight to start editing, then I miiiight post a couple.

5. A video from last night. My boss is a big hunter, and he sent me home with some venison summer sausage and pepper sticks (antelope), so I gave a piece to Levi when we got home. He liked it.

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