Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for Friday

I actually have some pictures to share this week! I'll get right to it...

1. Levi's latest trick is moving his little yellow chair from the living room into the kitchen to use as a step-stool so he can see what I am doing at the counter, or to get at something. We can move it back into the other room as many times as we want, but it still ends up in the kitchen. It's actually kind of funny when he does it, if I start something he'll stop and look at me then take off into the other room and push his chair all the way in here.

2. Hayride! On Saturday night we went to my aunt and uncle's farm and went on a hayride with my family. It was a pretty nice night weather-wise, and it was a lot of fun. Levi just took it all in and was a good boy!

3. I peeked into the living room to find this on Monday afternoon...
Both zoned out watching tv, Levi eating a pickle. I thought it was cute how he had his hand on Paul's, and his leg resting on top of his car! Silly boys.

4. Pictures! I got Levi's 18 month pics back, and they turned out really cute! They were actually part of a fall mini-session that Stephanie Foto ~ Stephanie Warzecha Photography had in the beginning of October, and it timed right that I just call them his 18 month pics. I'll share some more when I get his 18 month post up, which will hopefully be this weekend!

5. Corn stove is a-burnin'!! I actually love having that thing going in the basement, it makes it soooo much warmer down there. Obviously, right? :) We went to Runnings in Benson yesterday to get wood pellets so Paul could get it started. Once we got those, we went and had supper at Patrick's Pub and Grill. They have these chive fries that are so yummy! I had been craving popcorn shrimp so that's what I had, and it hit the spot. Levi ate dang near a whole (huge!) corndog! I think that's the best he's eaten when we were at a restaurant, ever.

So that was our week! :)

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