Friday, January 18, 2013

19 weeks

Well, now that I'm almost HALF-WAY THROUGH this pregnancy, I figured I better get started with weekly updates. I have been taking pictures since I was 13 weeks along, and am just now starting the surveys. I honestly haven't felt much different, besides gaining weight. I'm a lucky one that didn't get sick at all. I mainly just used my positive pregnancy test to stop working out and start eating what I wanted to again. FAIL. That only lasted a couple weeks before I got myself slapped back to reality and decided I didn't want to gain another 45+ pounds again this time. I'm aiming for 30-35 this time, so we'll see how that works out. I started showing a little sooner than I did the first time, but that's common I think. I didn't feel like I actually had a bump, then one day I looked in the mirror and there it was! Ok, enough blabbing, here is the survey!

How far along?: 19 wks
How big is baby?: About 8.5 oz, measuring 6 inches. About the size of an heirloom tomato.
Weight gain?: About 7 pounds. Not too bad, I think I had gained more by this far along last time.
Stretch marks?: Just what is still there from last time, and they're most likely only going to get worse again.
Maternity clothes?: Not so much with shirts yet, but this past week I wore some maternity jeans and they felt more comfortable than my regular jeans. Some of my regular shirts are getting short, but I'm still not filling out maternity tops yet.
Sleep?: Normal. As good as it can be I guess.
Best moment this week?: Feeling little peanut's movements getting stronger.
Food cravings?: Nothing in particular. Depends on the day/hour/minute.
Gender?: Finding out soon! In a week!
Movement?: Yep, I've been feeling the squirming for a couple weeks now.
Belly button?: Still in, but changing shape.
What I miss?: Nothing really.
Labor signs?: No, hopefully not for another 5 months!
What I'm looking forward to?: Our ultrasound scheduled for next Friday! Can't wait to find out if Levi will have a little brother or a little sister! Also excited to go shopping (child free!!!) in St. Cloud with my mom and sister tomorrow. Levi is spending the day with daddy.
Milestone? Feeling movement and being almost half way through.

 Back to the crappy mirror pics! :) This one is actually from last week, but I haven't changed much, and I haven't taken this weeks pic yet. Mostly because this morning I changed from my pj's, into yoga pants and a sweatshirt...

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