Friday, January 4, 2013


Finally getting some pics up! They are mostly from Christmas.

This one is from before Christmas...he likes wearing his earphones and listening to my ipod.
 We made smoothies for a snack this afternoon and he was enjoying his own cup!
 First candy cane! Needless to say he loved it.
 My mom, sister, grandma, Levi and I when we went down to make Christmas cookies earlier in December.
Levi's first snowmobile ride with daddy!
 Family pic after we put the tree up.
I told him to go sit by his he sat on them.
Christmas morning in his jammies from Grandma.
 What is all this about?
 Ooooooh fun stuff!
 The wheelbarrow was Paul's when he was a little boy. He refinished it to give to Levi. It's still a little heavy for him, but we'll save it until he gets bigger.
Levi enjoying some m&m's with Grandpa.
 Rachel, Kenna and Kenzie at the Bruns Christmas.
 Saying CHEESE.
 Watching Grandpa's climbing Santa with Daddy.
 Giving Elmo a hug.

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  1. What a precious little boy! He is so cute! I followed a post to your blog ... a post for your cucumber salsa... Couldn't leave without leaving a comment