Thursday, November 25, 2010

21 weeks

It's a....BOY!! We are very excited and I am glad that I can start planning some more things, like the nursery. I already have a few ideas! :)

Well, at my appt. on Tuesday the dr. decided to keep my due date at April 8th, so that would make me 21 weeks tomorrow. Madison is super excited that "my new baby boy cousin is coming on my birthday!!" Too cute! Since today is Thanksgiving I would like to say that I am so very thankful for having such a wonderful husband, for this little guy growing inside of me, and for my family. We are very blessed!

How far along?: 20w6d
How big is baby?: The ultrasound tech said he weight about 1 pound! According to the bump, the size of a banana.
Weight gain?: Um. Yes. Since my last appt. I apparently gained 12 lbs, 17 lbs total then. I don't totally believe that, because I had a full bladder and we had just eaten, so I'm going to keep an eye on it at home for awhile.
Stretch marks? None yet, trying to keep ahead of them with the lotion.
Maternity clothes?: Yes when it comes to pants, some shirts.
Sleep?: Still good. Getting up to pee once a night usually.
Best moment of the week?: The ultrasound and seeing our baby again!! :)
Food cravings?: Comfort foods lately. So, nothing healthy. Ha.
Gender?: BOY!!
Movement?: I usually feel some good kicks daily now.  Don't feel much from the outside yet though.
Belly button?: Still an innie, but stretching a little.
What I miss?: Not a thing.
Labor signs?: None.
What I'm looking forward to?: Seeing my family for Thanksgiving on Saturday. We had a great day with Paul's family today too!
Milestone?: Reaching the halfway point (YAY!) and finding out we are having a little boy! :)

Not a ton of change from the last picture. I actually took this on Tuesday, so it was a couple days ago.

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