Thursday, December 2, 2010

22 wks

This is the first week I've noticed that I can see the baby kicking from the outside! The other night he must have been in just the right place because I sat and watched my tummy bounce for a minute or two. Other than that it's been pretty random, I have to sit and really watch. Of course the night he was the most active, Paul was in the basement doing something else and missed it. Most of the time when I feel him kick it is still in my lower stomach.

How far along?: 21w6d
How big is baby?: 12.7-20.8 oz, the size of a papaya! I'm guessing a little over a pound.
Weight gain?: I didn't weigh myself again this week. I know, I'm a chicken. I'm afraid of what I'll see... In other words I need to start watching what I eat more and back off the carbs!
Stretch marks?: Not yet!
Maternity clothes?: All pants, most tops. Still fitting into a few pre-pg tops and I live in my hoodies when I'm at home.
Sleep?: Still good for the most part. Trying not to lay on my back too much, but I still end up waking up that way a lot.
Best moment of the week?: Watching my tummy pop out when the baby was kicking!
Food cravings?: Nothing in particular. Changes by moment.
Gender?: BOY!
Movement?: Yep!
Belly button?: Stretching more and more, but still an innie.
What I miss?: Nothing.
Labor signs?: None.
What I'm looking forward to?: Seeing and feeling more of those kicks! I love it! :)
Milestone? I'm going to use seeing the kicks from the outside again. That was about the most exciting thing that happened this week as you can tell!

Little bit bigger than last week. I'm apparently having a hard time getting the camera to focus on my face, but oh well. That thing gets heavy.

December Daily Album Update: I have 12 pages of the album done, just waiting for some more Christmas supplies that I ordered to come in the mail. I've taken pics for yesterday and today and am keeping the journaling in a small notebook until the weekends, when I will hopefully have more time to put the actual pages together. I'll try and get some pics taken to share them too! :)

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