Sunday, December 18, 2011

8 months

Another month has come and gone and Levi was 8 months old on Wednesday. He is just getting smarter and smarter every day. He can be a little stinker, too. I think we are going to have our hands full with this one!

We went down to Renville for the Bruns Christmas on Saturday, and today we celebrated with my family (my mom and dad, sister and Josh). So we had a fun-filled weekend! It's nice to be home though. Levi got lots of awesome presents from everyone! When we got home he wasn't sure which one to play with first!! He loves them all! :) I will post pics later. Anyhoo, here is my big boy:

 The following photo is a few of the 'outtakes' from our little monthly session today. Oh. My. Lord. I was sweating by the time I was finished and I honestly only got one decent picture (above) where he wasn't moving or trying to crawl away. It wasn't super bright out and I wasn't getting a ton of light through the window, so it didn't help that I had my shutter speed a little low either. I attempted to take one of him in front of the tree too, but it took .5 seconds to realize that wasn't going to work without Paul here at least to help me.
 Levi at 8 months::

20.6 lbs (weighed at home)

29 inches long (approximately...)

In size 4 dipes.

Pretty much in size 12 month clothes. I can still get him into some 9 month ones, but 12 months fit more comfortably.

FINALLY got a tooth!! Just last week actually. Bottom right, and I'm almost certain he's working on the left one now too. I can feel a little bump.

Still having a bottle several times a day, depending on what he feels like. Sometimes he eats really good, the next he isn't interested.

Still loves food. Does great for the most part with his baby food, and wants anything and everything that we put into our mouths. The only thing I've found that he doesn't really like are peas. Loves those little puffs, too.

Crawling, crawling, crawling. FAST.

Stands next to anything he can reach. Which now includes the dining room table, on his tippy toes of course.

He figured out quickly how to go around/under/over things. He tries to go under the coffee table a lot, but if he bumps his head one too many times, he'll back out and fake cry...yes sweetie, I feel so sorry for you when you are trying to crawl under the coffee table to get to the Christmas Tree that you can't seem to leave alone...Lol.

Lately he has a thing with doors. He tries to push them shut, and then open it again. He usually gets frustrated when he gets himself in the way of opening it up again.

Fascinated with the bathroom downstairs. If one of us goes in there and he sees that door open, he bolts right in that direction.

Still likes to make noise. Lately it's 'huh' or 'hmm'. If we copy him, he'll copy us. Either that or just screaming, shrieking or squealing. No consonants yet really.

I don't remember if I put this in his last month's post, but he's in the big tub now with a rubber mat down. He loves it! He likes this little octopus and carries that around the whole time he's in his bath. His main routine is to stand up next to the side where I am sitting, then sit back down, play for a minute (or less), then stand up, and so on. Not a huge fan of getting lotion put on though.

Starting to get better at the sippy cup. I give him water or Apple Prune juice in it. He's still not extremely interested in it...he'd rather just chew on the handles, but every once in awhile he'll take a drink.

Night time is getting better. We did a few nights of letting him cry awhile when he woke up in the middle of the night and wouldn't go back to sleep with just giving him his paci, and he has been improving. It was hard, not gonna lie. Usually now he'll still wake up once or twice but usually goes back to sleep with just the paci. If not we let him fuss for awhile and try not to pick him up unless we think he's not feeling good or something. I am getting to where I can tell the difference in his cries if he's hurting from an ear infection or something.

Speaking of ear infections...had another one of those this month too. This time he got a little stronger dosage of the amoxicillin so it seemed like it helped faster, unlike the last one he had where he didn't feel better until the 7th day of being on meds. :( Hopefully we don't have any more this winter, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

Here are some pics of Levi from the past month::

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