Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. We didn't do much. Levi had his first non-grandma/family baby-sitter for a few hours while we went out for supper with some friends. He did alright, but she said he cried a little and didn't want to eat anything, which didn't surprise me. We both survived though! After we picked him up we went home and put him to bed, then Paul and I watched a movie. Pretty exciting!

Poor guy has another ear infection, too. Number four. :( He is on amoxicillin again, but this time it has something called Clavulanic Acid with it. I think it makes his tummy hurt, and it gives him diarrhea. So even if it helps the ear infection go away in the TEN days he has to take it, he still doesn't feel very good. He also had a red throat, so the dr. said that was viral and should go away in a few days. Plus he's got a bit of a cold again, so he's stuffed up. It's a never-ending cycle this winter. SUMMER, you can come anytime now!!

I made a few resolutions this year and I'm hoping I can keep them..

Maintain a healthy lifestyle :: Exercise, eat better, and lose weight. I need to do this and keep it up, not just give up after a month or two. I don't feel good about how I look right now, and it is affecting other parts of my life. I realize I will never be skinny, and I don't want to be, but I need to get to a point where I feel good about what I look like, and can be more confident again.

Read more :: I would like to read one book a month. I thought that sounded like a reasonable goal...finding the time amongst everything else I would like to get done will be the challenge.
Edit: After thinking about this more, I have come to the conclusion that I will most likely fail at reading one book every month, so I'm going to revise this and try for 5 books total this year...hopefully I can handle that!

Do more things for myself :: This sounds self-centered, but so much of my life is focused on taking care of Levi, keeping the house somewhat it order, making supper, etc., that I haven't had a lot of time to do much for myself lately. Just little things like painting my toenails, spending a little extra time on my hair/makeup, things like that. I just feel like if I feel better about myself then I will be a better mom and wife to Paul and Levi.

So, those are my resolutions. I'll try and remember to recap at the end of the year and see how I actually did. :)

I will try and get some pics up from Christmas soon too. Kind of out of order here, lol!

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