Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five for Friday

Is it possible that each passing week this summer goes by faster than the last? Man, it is just flying. Kind of late getting my post up this week, but we took a little bit of a day trip today. Paul took the day off so we could go down to Montevideo and see the Pioneer Village, then down to Redwood to check out Ramsey Falls. We go down to Ramsey once in awhile but this is the first time we took Levi. We love going down by the MN river bottom, so pretty in that area. Turned out to be an interesting afternoon, we spent an hour or so of it sitting at the Ford dealership in Redwood Falls getting a new alternator put into the pick-up! That was pleasant. It actually wasn't that bad, there was another mom there waiting for an oil-change, so we chatted with her and her two little girls. One of them was 6 months and just sitting and moving a little on her own, she was so cute! It sort of made me miss when Levi was that age! Seems like just yesterday. Both of the girls had on these amber teething necklaces so I asked her about them, and she said they have really helped her girls. I am contemplating getting one for Levi now that he's going to be getting a mouth-ful of molars. We'll see...not sure if Paul would let me put any sort of necklace on his little boy...

Well that got longer than I planned! I tend to ramble about things sometimes... :) Here's my five for this week!

1. Loving these things lately! I found them at the store this week and have been on a chicken salad kick for lunch at work. These are the Italian Herb flavor, but I want to try the Multigrain next. Yum!

2. Fireworks and another night out! Levi stayed overnight at my sister's on Saturday night so Paul and I could go to the street dance. We had a fun time with some friends, but it reminded me that I am getting too old for certain things...ahem. Lets just say once the room stopped spinning that night I slept fine. And it doesn't help that I am a lightweight, not drinking for over a year will do that to ya! Hi mom! :) This is the best shot of the fireworks that I got, they weren't anything spectacular. We thought they were over 3 times, then they would start up again. It's a small town so I guess we can't expect too much!

3. Got my hair colored! Well, just highlights. They weren't what I had in mind, but I like them. They're very subtle. No pic, sorry!

4. Someone was tired on the way home. I just thought it was hilarious how he had his binker in his mouth like that! He was OUT.

5. Day trip! Here are a few pics from our little excursion earlier! :) Levi was not terribly interested in the Pioneer Village (obviously, since he is only 15 months old!) but he was happy to be out of his car seat and running around. He liked the falls. My failed attempt (once again) at a family pic. Someday that will work...Levi doesn't quite get the 'look at the camera' concept yet! It was a fun day, nice to spend some time as a family!

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