Tuesday, July 24, 2012

15 months

A week late, but here it is! Levi's 15 month update. He had a check-up this month so I have his height and weight, too.
Is he not the cutest child ever? I mean, just look at those eyes! And his sweet smile? So handsome. Don't let him fool you though...he is a little stinker! We are going to have our hands FULL! He's a very busy little boy, and he knows what he wants!

At 15 months::

Levi weighs 25 lbs 12 oz (67th percentile).

Is 32.25 inches tall (82nd percentile).

Wears mostly size 18 month clothes, but can wear some brands of 24 month shirts.

Runs all over.

Walks on his tippy-toes a lot.

Points at everything. If he wants you to sit somewhere, he will point to where he wants you to sit. He climbs up on the glider on the deck, or on the couch, he'll point right next to himself where he wants you to come sit, and say 'sst'.

Just started nodding his head. Not a whole lot yet, but if I nod my head, he will copy me.

He has 2 molars now, both on top. Those were tough ones, worse teething so far. Yikes. Temp, crabby, runny/stuffy nose, just not himself. I am waiting on an amber teething necklace that I ordered for him, so I'm anxious to see if that helps.

Starting to say more and more words. Not too clearly yet, but in his own way. Shss=shoes, sst=sit, haa=hat, and so on. His latest is no, no, no. :) I should really start writing down all the words he says and when.

He has quite the little temper on him. Can't imagine where that comes from, ahem. I know it's all apart of being a toddler though. If he doesn't get his way he gets mad and will hit my face if I am holding him, or if he wants me to be holding him and I need to put him down, he will arch his back and scream. Lots of screaming. High pitched screaming. Oh, the joy.

Other than his 'moments' as mentioned above, he is just so fun. Paul and I love watching him discover new things, and watch him learn. He has the cutest giggle, and the biggest smile ever. When he smiles his whole face lights up, and I love that!

Any time he hears music he starts dancing. Funniest thing ever. (video in previous post!)

He goes to bed so good now, he has for the past few months, not sure if I have mentioned it or not. Other than days he's not feeling good (teething) or is over-tired, bedtime is a breeze for the most part. Bath, jammies, a few drinks of milk, books, lights out, say prayers, in the crib to go to sleep. Sometimes he will whine for a little bit, but nothing compared to what we went through with him for awhile where he would scream if we laid him down while he was still awake. And he sleeps usually around 9-10 hours, so can't really complain about that either.

On the days I am home with him he will still take 2 naps, but at daycare he only takes an afternoon nap. Which is fine, daycare is more interesting! Don't want to miss anything there! :)

Eating is still up and down. For the most part he eats very well, but he still won't touch much for vegetables. Hopefully he'll open up and try some new things pretty soon.

Well that is all I can think of right now, so here are some more pics!

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