Tuesday, August 28, 2012

16 months

One of these months I'll get this post up on time. Levi turned 16 months old 2 weeks ago now. He just keeps growing. And time keeps going faster. I have no idea where the past month went. And it's only going to get worse this fall with harvest coming soon....then it will be Thanksgiving....then we'll be getting ready for Christmas...then maybe it will slow down a little. Yeesh. Anyhoo, Levi wasn't real cooperative for pictures this month. Surprise! I thought it would be fun to take him somewhere other than our yard to take a few, so one Sunday afternoon Paul and I took him out to the farm to try. Well, it was a nice idea, but he was more interested in picking up the dirt chunks in the field. And he completely ignores me when I have my camera now. Doesn't even turn his head my direction. I knew it would happen eventually. I did luck out and got one when he glanced my direction! Gotta be fast! :)

At 16 months::

In mainly 18 month clothes, can wear 24 month shirts in some brands, and there are a couple 2T shirts that fit him too. Crazy how much different brands can vary.

Still in size 5 dipes.

Generally a size 5 in shoes, some 5.5's.

Had his third haircut this month.

By the time I am typing this, all four of his molars are through. Teething, you suck. The end.

Very much has a mind of his own. He knows what he wants. And he wants it NOW. Don't try to distract him, because he does NOT forget. STUBBORN. :)

Eating pretty good. His snacks of choice are cottage cheese, graham soft paws, Gerber cereal bars, grapes, fruit loops, goldfish crackers. And he loves eating whole apples now, at daycare they have a tree in their yard and the kids love picking them and eating them.

Saying more and more words. Some that I can think of are: pa-pa (grandpa), sort of says grandma sometimes (ma-ma), tuck (truck), tuck-ah (tractor), toot-toot (train), sh-ss (shoes), ock (sock), ss-t (shirt), woof (puppy), duck, kack (quack), ch-ss (cheese), ha (hot), mmmm, ahhh (after taking a drink), there might be a few more but I can't think of them. I really need to start writing them down!

He has done this for awhile, but not sure if I have put it on here. If something is hot, he blows. I blow on his food when it's hot, so that's where it came from. If I tell him something is hot, he'll blow at it.

Always walks on his tippy-toes! No idea why. He tripped and fell the other week because he does it, scratched his nose up.

Still attached to his binker (pacifier) and blankie. He is on cloud nine if he gets ahold of more than one binker at a time, he'll carry one around in each hand and one in his mouth, and just keep switching them around. He doesn't drag his blankie yet, but he will run to it if he sees it on the floor and cuddle with it.

For some reason he likes to drag things around, like my camera cords, the alarm clock in the spare room, the baby monitor... It's getting harder to keep things out of reach since he is getting so tall, and can climb on dang near anything.

I maaayyyy have started a bit of a bad habit that is now his favorite place to have breakfast. On top of the kitchen counter. He sits there pretty good for the most part, doesn't try to crawl around or get down or anything. I am always right there or within a couple feet grabbing something out of a cabinet. He likes to be up and see what's going on. When I am making supper or cooking something, I bring a chair in from the other room and let him stand there and watch. If I am chopping or doing something he shouldn't be anywhere near, I put him on the floor and then just have to deal with the screaming and pulling at my legs.... But as long as he is on the chair and can see what is going on, he's usually ok. Most of the time it ends up to be a mess, but I guess it's easier to clean up than have him screaming the whole time I make something.

Still working on transitioning to one afternoon nap. At home at least. Usually by 10:30-11 he is getting tired, so by then I try to get him through lunch. He's been doing 1.5-2 hour naps in the afternoon lately, so that has been nice.

That's all I can think of for this month! :)

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