Friday, November 2, 2012

18 months

Ohhhh wow, have I been slacking with this blog lately. I totally forgot about Pinspiration Monday this week, and I didn't have time to round up my pics for High Five for Friday. And I am just now getting around to Levi's 18 month post. You know, now that it's been over 2 weeks! Ha, oh well I guess.

This month for his pictures I took him to the mini sessions that Stephanie Foto ~ Stephanie Warzecha Photography had at the beginning of October. They went pretty well, and I am happy with them! Here are a few...

Yep....just a few! :)

His check-up this month went well for the most part. Dr. M thought his throat looked yucky so she had a strep test done (which was negative), and also his eyes were a little matty so she prescribed some drops. And he got a flu shot. Fun, fun. The drops sucked, I had to pretty much sit on him to get them in and he squeezed his eyes so tight that I could barely get the drops in. But they are done now, thank goodness. I brought him to the dr. a week later because he had a cough, and ended up getting some antibiotics for a slight bronchial infection. He goes back in to get a re-check on his tubes next week with the ENT dr., and the dr. he saw for his cough suggested I have her look at his tonsils. He is such a loud sleeper, and sometimes has trouble breathing when he is sleeping, and I think it is because his tonsils are so big. So, I am anxious to hear what she says.

At 18 months::

Weighs 25 lbs 11.5 oz.

Is 34.25 inches tall.

Wears 18 month bottoms and 24 month tops, size 5/5.5 shoe.

Has a definite mind of his own! He is a busy-body.

Loves his blankie and his binkers.

Gets excited when daddy comes home from work.

Goes to bed very well.

Saying tons of words. I don't think I could even list them all! I know I would forget half of them.

He's soooo smart! I just love watching him learn so many new things every day!

He is such a boy, he loves his tractors and loves being outside with daddy.

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