Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five for Friday

Back after missing for a few weeks in a row! We've had a couple busy weekends lately. (And I have been horrible at taking pics lately too.) The first weekend in November Levi and I went to Alex on Friday so that took care of blogging that day. And Saturday was a busy day too, with craft sale, then bridal shower, then another craft sale! Last weekend, Paul and I went to Arrowwood overnight for my birthday, which was that Thursday. Levi also had a dr. appointment on Friday, which I should go over in another post. So yeah, another packed weekend! Finally today we are home and I can hopefully get my post up quick before Levi wakes up!

1. I went out of my fashion 'norm' when we went out for supper last weekend. I thought it was cute. Once we stepped outside I realized I should have worn pants though, because it was cold and windy! BRR!

2. The parade of lights in Morris was last night. We took Levi and it was pretty fun. COLD! I put pj bottoms on him under his jeans, but I wish I would have put his snow pants on him. We just kept him wrapped in his blanket and he was fine. I thought the float in the top pic was pretty cute...the kids are supposed to be a spine! It was even funnier when they were all out of line! :)

3. Being a goofball!

4. He sat right there and watched cartoons for a good 5 minutes before he moved again. Not the best picture since I took it on my ipod.

5.  Me and my handsome little man.

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