Monday, December 10, 2012

Finally some pictures!

Instead of doing Pinspiration Monday, I thought I would put some pictures up...finally! I have honestly been horrible at taking pictures lately, I don't know what my problem is. Probably because I am constantly trying to keep Levi entertained since he has been super whiney lately, and I don't necessarily need pictures of him throwing tantrums everyday! Aaaanyways, besides teething and the terrible two's setting in early, he is such a good boy (for everyone else at least) and so, so smart. He knows what he wants and won't quit until he gets it, or if I am somehow able to distract him.

Here are a few pictures from what we've been up to the past few weeks...

The first three pictures are from our Thanksgiving/Lefse Making with the Staples family. Every year we get together to make lefse and then have supper.
 My little cheeser.
 Levi with all of his cousins, and second cousin. L-R: Aaron, Madison, Ruth, Allie, Levi
The last week in November, Santa and a couple of his reindeer, Comet and Cupid, came to Hancock. Levi loooooved having a ride on the sleigh! He saw the reindeer and said 'neigh'. I guess the sort of look like horses.... :)
He was excited to pet one of them. Not the most flattering picture of the reindeer, but my photo ops were limited since there was a long line waiting.
Santa was not as popular as the reindeer. He was fine with him until I put him on his lap, then he was not impressed!
While I was doing something upstairs, Levi was looking at books in his room. I peeked in to check on him, then had to run and get my camera. He had a whole stack on the table and next to him. I love that I caught his expression here, despite the bad lighting.
 Future bookworm :)
 Jenell asked me to take a few pictures of her and Scott with the grandkids for their Christmas cards. They turned out really cute.

Other than the above, we've been staying busy with this and that and every other thing.

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