Monday, June 10, 2013

39 weeks

So much for getting this up on Friday, ha! I had it all written out just had to add the picture but of course I didn't take that until Saturday, then we were gone, and Sunday was just a lazy day and I didn't do much of anything, let alone anything productive. So just pretend that you are reading this last Thursday. :)

SO, the big news after my check-up today is that I am going to have a baby in ONE WEEK!! After checking me and being dilated to nearly 3 cm, Dr. M gave me the option since we live almost an hour from the hospital, to be induced at 40 weeks if the baby doesn't come sooner. I was honestly relieved that she suggested it, or gave me the option. I have been worrying about making it to the hospital in time, since a lot of times labor can go fast for second pregnancies. And also since I want an epidural I would need to have a fluid bag in my iv before I can get that, and if I am already too far into labor I won't be able to get the epidural in time, and I want pain meds!! :) So we'll see what the week brings, and if I haven't had a baby by Thursday, we will be going to the hospital bright and early at 5:00 a.m.! Actually, we need to be at the hospital at 5:00 a.m., so we'll be leaving around 4:00 or sooner. Levi will be spending the night at Grandpa and Grandma Staples' so we don't have to mess his schedule up so much. Eeeeee! I am excited yet nervous!!

How far along?: 39 wks
How big is baby?: Might measure about 20 inches and weigh a bit over 7 lbs.
Weight gain?: Same exact weight at the dr. that I was last week! So far total gain of 33-34 lbs, which Dr. M is pretty happy with. Me too, since I gained almost 50 when I was preggo with Levi. Yikes!
Stretch marks?: I hate this question.
Maternity clothes?: Yes.
Sleep?: Not bad.
Best moment this week?: It was a pretty normal week. Nothing terribly exciting.
Food cravings?: Ice cream.
Gender?: Girl!
Movement?: Yep!
Belly button?: Still the same, out!
What I miss?: Same as I have said the past several weeks...
Labor signs?: I have had a couple Braxton Hicks that were uncomfortable, on the edge of painful, but nothing consistent. At my check-up today I was dilated to about 3.
What I'm looking forward to?: Hopefully having a baby soon. :)

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