Monday, June 3, 2013


Darn near forgot it was Monday again! Well, not really, just forgot about posting. :) It has been a long day. Levi has been suuuper whiney lately, so mid-morning I decided to bring him to the dr. to check for an ear infection. I figured it had to be that or just his two-year molars coming in. Hopefully this is not how the next year or so will be...terrible two's=understatement. Well, no ear infection but the dr. said his tonsils were swollen and gave him some antibiotics for tonsillitis. He has big tonsils in the first place and I'm hoping that the reddish colored orange-flavored water he was drinking on the way there didn't make a difference... But either way, meds for 10 days.

Here are my fave pins for the week!

I had plenty of fabric (like, almost twice as much as I needed) left over from what my mom and I used to make baby girl's crib skirt and valance, so I'm thinking this would be a perfect way to use up a yard of it! Looks easy enough that I might even be able to do it myself! :) Maybe..

Thinking I might have to try these for my little corn-dog lover.

Dill roasted red potatoes. Definitely going to have to give these a try this summer sometime!

This dress from Maurices. Love! I picture it with cowboy boots (which I will hopefully be getting a new pair of this fall), and some cute accessories!
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Rhubarb hand pies. Another one that reminded me of my mom! They look super yummy and actually, not too hard to make.

Our town has its celebration (parade, street dance, etc.) during the Fourth of July, and the last few years our family has been stopping over at our house for a bit after the parade. These would be perfect to share with Levi and his cousins this year! (Assuming it is warm out by then...never know with the spring/summer we've been having here.)

Green-a-colada popsicles. Like a green smoothie but in popsicle form! I have the ingredients for these on my grocery list for this week, I am excited to try them out for Levi!

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