Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paige's Newborn pictures

I took Paige to have some newborn pictures taken last week, and they are already done! That is the one thing I wish I would have had done with Levi. We had a friend of mine take some family ones, which I LOVE, but we didn't really have time to do many of Levi on his own. I took some myself with the help of my mom and sister, but it would have been fun to have some professional ones of him when he was tiny.

Paige did awesome at her shoot! I fed her when I got to the photography studio, and it took her a little while to fall asleep, but once she did, she slept through the whole thing! She woke up when we were going to move her one more time, but we already had plenty of great shots, so we decided to call it good instead of try and get her back to sleep. I am so happy with how they turned out!

I am happy to introduce my beautiful doll-baby, Paige Cecelia!

Once again thanks to Stephanie Foto ~ Stephanie Warzecha Photography for the amazing photos!

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