Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pics | The past few weeks

Just a warning, this post has a lot of pics in it!

This was a great capture by my sister-in-law one afternoon that Levi spent out at their place while I took Paige to the doctor.
Which brings us to the next photo... Paige had to be on the bili blanket for a few days. It ended up being about 4 1/2 days total. Her bilirubin number was right on the edge of high at her one week check up, so Dr. M said I could either bring her to the hospital or bring her home and use the bili blanket for a few days. I didn't know what to do, and I wasn't prepared to go to the hospital that afternoon, so I just decided to get the bili blanket. So the picture below was the set-up for those days.
After bringing her back to the dr. after 2 days, Dr. M thought she should stay on it for another couple days to keep the number down. Then as luck would have it, she was gone on vacation the whole next week, and since Levi had an appt. on the 12th, I just made Paige's next appt. on that day too, which was two weeks away. The next day I got a call to reschedule Levi's ENT check up to the 2nd, but I wasn't able to get Paige's appt. rescheduled to that day. SO, I have been worrying the past couple weeks about whether or not she is gaining enough and if the jaundice is completely gone. Everyone says that she looks fine. So I hope that is the case when I bring her back on Friday.
I took the kids to the spray park one day last week when it was hot out. Levi loved it, he picked one of the sprays and that is the one he played by the entire time. Until he noticed the playground on the other side of the spray pad, that is, then he had to go check that out. Hopefully we can get over there to play more this summer.
Paige just chillin' in her bouncer.
"My hold her!"
Sleeping beauty!
Taking a popsicle break after playing with the hose outside last weekend.
OBSESSED. He loves spraying things with the hose. Thankfully he does pretty good (for the most part) and doesn't spray AT anyone, just on the ground and into his wagon and pool.
I laid Miss Paige down for a little bit of tummy time the other day and she must have been pooped from being outside in the warm air because she tucked her legs up and zonked right out! I think we have a future tummy sleeper, once she is able to roll over on her own.
Levi was playing in his pool, so I figured that was a good enough excuse to put Paige's swimsuit on her too. :) However, she was not a fan when I dipped her toes into the water.
And then there's this monkey...
Watermelon-a-holic. I think he had 3 or 4 wedges of it this afternoon. Yum!

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