Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July 2013

This was the best picture I could get of Levi on the 4th. Little stinker would NOT sit still or even glance in the direction of my camera. Turd. Oh well, he's two and there was a lot going on. We always have a good time on the 4th! I took Levi to the coin dig at the park that the bank sponsored, but he wasn't real interested. He found two dimes and when I looked down to check on Paige, then looked back up, he was gone and halfway up the steps to the slide. So I let him play for a bit, then we went home and got ready to head uptown.
 We walked the few blocks uptown and met up with Paul's parents for lunch. Hamburger and a Pork chop on a stick from the 4-H food stand for Paul and I, and Levi had a hot dog (surprise) from the Buddies tent. After we had some free ice cream, we took Levi over to the bounce house they had set up for the kids. It was supposed to be a big dragon, and you climbed in through his mouth, jumped inside of it, then slid out the tail. Well, there was no one there controlling it, so kids were just swarming it and Levi kept getting trampled. Even when he did have the chance to get inside on his own, he didn't want to. He was entertained just climbing up and down the teeth at the entrance. Which was probably good since he might have been a little small to be inside with that many other kids.

After that, we walked to our spot for the parade. I wanted a family picture but a certain someone was not about to cooperate, so we got this one of Paul, Paige and I. Once the parade started, Levi got the hang of picking up candy pretty quick. He would stand at the curb after every float and yell "More can-ey!" He got plenty since his cousins weren't there this year to share with. We hid that when he went to bed that night. :)
 Since it was so hot, Paul stripped him down when we got home and let him cool off in his pool. He thought that was hilarious. He kept squatting down and touching his tush in the water, then he would stand back up. Finally he sat down all the way. Haha!
And this year's 4th of July was extra special because my sister and her husband had their baby! I will do a separate post with a few pictures of when we met her next!

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