Sunday, August 11, 2013

County Fair time!

The county fair is one of my favorite times of year. Now that we have kids, it is even more fun! (For the most part! :) Levi had an absolute BLAST on the rides. I was surprised by the ones that he wanted to go on. Most kids his age are still a little hesitant about doing certain ones by themselves, but he wasn't afraid at all. It made his mommy a bit nervous...but also kinda happy that he's so brave! :)

The first pics are from Friday afternoon. My mom and sister came up and we went on a few rides with them. 

These next few are from Friday evening, when we went back in ourselves and Paul's parents came with us too. We asked Levi what the first ride he wanted to go on was, and his answer was "fair wheel" (ferris wheel).  What?! Umm, maybe next year. He kept asking to go on it all night, and even on Saturday night when we went back he wanted to go on it. We would have taken him, but both of us were worried that he'd get to the top and be scared. Who knows, maybe he would have loved it!

This one was called Puppy Love, and it went back and forth. He loved it!
 He wanted to ride the dragon roller coaster, and I wasn't sure how he would do, but as soon as it started moving he had a huge smile on his face the whole time! Not scared one bit. He went on this one twice!
Not the best pic, but he is in the second car.
 I think his favorite was the bumper cars, though! He was giggling the whole time as they ran into the other cars! Such a boy, oh my gosh. Paul took him on these Saturday night, too, and he had a blast. Little stinker was spinning around in his seat, looking behind him, and at one point he was almost standing in there until Paul pulled him back down! Agh! With the hugest grin ever on his face the whole time. There is nothing like seeing that face of sheer delight on your kid. It makes me forget how much of a turd he can be sometimes, lol.

Can't wait until next year!!

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