Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday evening fire

Two posts in one day?! I thought instead of lumping all the pictures from this weekend into one post I would separate them out. :)

We'll start out with a daddy and daughter afternoon nap. After I took this pic, Paige moved her arm over her head too, so that was pretty cute. Notice the strategically placed combine by Paige's feet.
 I have been wanting to make a fire to make s'mores with Levi all summer, and we finally had a good night to do that. Here's a lovely photo of Paul toasting the marshmallows. He humors me and my obsessive picture taking. Most of the time.
 Levi's first taste of a s'more. He wasn't as impressed as I thought he would be. He traded the s'more for a piece of plain chocolate.
 I can't not include a picture of her! She's so smiley now! :)

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