Friday, September 27, 2013


You'll have to excuse my absence here lately. I have been feeling behind on, well, everything. My need-to-do, want-to-do, and should-do lists get longer every day and I don't know where to start. I won't get into that because I don't want to bore you or make you think I complain about everything! :) Let's just say that someday I hope I'll feel caught up with everything in my life, and that my house will stay clean for longer than an hour at a time. I realize that having a 2 year old and 3.5 month old has a lot to do with that, so it will likely be awhile. Ha. Anyway!

I just wanted to share a few pictures from the past few weeks. These first ones I actually took the same day I did P's 3-month pics, so that tells you how long it's been since I shared any pics. Whoops!

My mom made these shirts after we found out that we were expecting a girl, so I had to get a pic of the two monkeys in them for here. I was pleasantly surprised that I got a good one with Levi smiling! Guess I clicked at the exact right moment for once!

After we took a few pics I wanted to upload them to my computer right away so I could email one to my mom, and when I looked back in the other room, I saw this:

 I know this isn't the best picture, but I just love how Paige is looking at Levi. She could be fussy as all get out, and as soon as he comes into view she lights up. He is such a good big brother.

Little missy is growing out of her bouncer already. Not because she doesn't fit, but because she wants to sit up. Stinker doesn't want to just lay back and relax, so she pulls her self up like this:
Needless to say I have to buckle her into everything now, no matter what. She's already starting to figure out how to inch forward when she's on the floor. I wouldn't be surprised if she was crawling in another month and a half. Time will tell. I am so not ready for two that can move. Yeesh.

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