Sunday, September 29, 2013

Right Now Challenge | Week 1

I have been wanting to start this series for awhile now. I originally came across the idea on One Happy Mama, and thought it was great. With all the funny things Levi is saying and doing lately, I thought it would be a fun way to keep track of them and also to share them with you. I've been keeping a notebook for over a month now but haven't actually sat down to type them out here.

Basically, I'm just going to try to write down things that happen "right now" in our life. Anything that I feel like I want to record and remember. Some weeks I might have a whole list of things I wrote down, and other weeks maybe just a few things. I am hoping that I can get in the habit of typing these posts out on Sundays to share the past week's "right now" details.

For this first week, I thought I would actually include the past two weeks. So here is what I have:

• Levi has been calling Paige, Paige-y. So cute.

• Paige figured out how to blow bubbles/raspberries with her tongue. She doesn't do it a ton yet, but it's hilarious when she does.

• Levi's latest come-back: "No way!"

• When Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids on Friday night while Paul and I went to supper, they told us that about half an hour after we left, Levi looked around and asked, "Where my family go?"

• Paige was laying on the floor one morning, Levi comes over and lays by her and plays with her a little. Then he snuggles next to her and says to me, "My love her. My love her, my 'nuggle her."

• Levi was eating watermelon on the floor as a snack. I go into the other room, and a minute later I hear some clanking so I look out to see what he is doing. He has his dump truck propped on the side and is poking at it with his fork. He looks at me and says, "My fixing it. Wif my fork."

• Lately, on various occasions, Levi will say, "My wait Gwamma." or "My jus' waiting for Gwamma."

• We were driving the other evening, Levi had a movie on his dvd player, and the road we were on was a gravel road that had some good size hills. Paul sped up as he went over them so when we started going down it was a little bit of a drop. Levi looks up from his movie "Again!! Again!!" Then he did the same thing when Paul stepped on it after stopping at a stop sign. Oh, boys.

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