Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three months

Miss Paige was three months old on Wednesday! She's growing so much and it's so fun watching her get stronger and learn new things. Levi is getting more attached to her, too. He calls her 'my baby' a  lot when he refers to her. So cute.

Little turkey didn't want to sit still during our photo shoot, she kept trying to face dive onto the couch. Plus there was turkey #1 trying to inconspicuously (sp?) set random toys next to her, and then get mad when I would move them away out of the picture. So I didn't have a plethora of pics to choose from like I did last month! Most of them were out of focus or blurry. Oh well, as long as I get a couple good ones I'm happy! :)

At 3 months old, Paige::

Weighs about 12 pounds. (Weighed at home.)

Is about 24 inches long. (At home measurement.)

In size 2 dipes.

Wearing size 3 month clothes. Moving into 6 month sleepers soon.

Smiles all the time! Her whole face lights up when she smiles, just like Levi's.

We have gotten one or two little laughs out of her, but not much yet. Hopefully soon she'll be giggling away!

Loves to coo and talk. I love watching her little mouth work while she's making all her noises. She just looks like she's so proud of herself!

Rolls over. BOTH WAYS. Yep. Just a week ago she started rolling over from her back to tummy. We thought it was an accident the first time she did it, but the next day she was doing it every time I laid her down on the floor practically. Only one direction though, to her left.

In relation to this rolling over business, I had to stop swaddling her at night for safety reasons. Which took her a few nights to get used to. She was doing amazing while she was swaddled, sleeping 8-9 hours at night. The first night out of the swaddle she was up after about 5 hours, which isn't bad. And slowly, night after night, she's getting better and better.

Celebrated her 3 month birthday with a 3 hour nap yesterday... Hoping this little nap schedule will stick. Up until now she has just been catnapping all day. 

Loves to suck/chew on her hands!

Grasps soft objects now, like her clothes, blankets, and burp clothes.

Not really interested in toys yet, she would rather watch her brother or whatever else is going on.

Likes to sit UP. She's not happy laying down in your arms anymore, she wants to be facing OUT, so she can see what's going on! We brought the exersaucer up this weekend and cleaned it off to try out for her. She loves it! Obviously she doesn't care about the toys yet, but she loves sitting up in it. Stuffed with blankets and a pillow to stabilize her, of course.

Levi's #1 fan. :)

Love you to the moon and back, sweet girl!!

Her adorable headband is from pLum accessories on Etsy!

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