Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween fun!

We had lots of fun this Halloween! Levi got to dress up FOUR times throughout the week! First, on Sunday afternoon, our friends Molly and Kent, and their daughter, Pieper, had a little Halloween party for the kiddos. She did a great job, it was super cute! She even had a little photo booth set up outside to snap pictures! I was so happy with how this one of the kiddos turned out! Can't ask for much better. :) And to top it off, the weather was perfect! So fun!
Tuesday night, Levi got dressed up again for ECFE. He has loved going to 'school', by the way. Hopefully one time I will remember to bring my camera and snap a few pics of him.

Wednesday night, we made the rounds to visit Mark and Jess's and Grandma and Grandpa's. Levi's cousins were all dressed up when we stopped there, too! Fun!
And here is my little cowboy on Halloween night before trick or treating!
Daddy took Levi out to some of the neigbors' for trick or treating, and Miss Ladybug stayed home with mommy to hand out candy to the few trick or treaters that came to our house. Levi had lots of fun and was thrilled with all the candy he got, of course!
After trick or treating, we headed up to the school for the Halloween party that the Lions Club in town always holds. They always have a great turnout for that! Levi played a few games and got some fun little prizes. They have a costume contest for the kids, too. And guess what? Levi got third place in the age 0-2 category!! Yay! He really didn't know the difference, but he got a prize of $5, and his name and picture will be in the newspaper this week.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, too!

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