Sunday, November 3, 2013

Right Now Challenge | Week 6

Wow! I remembered to do this post on Sunday like I had originally planned! Late, but still. :)

Just have a few things from this past week.

- Levi: "My wove my two gwanma's."

- Levi doesn't like it when anyone calls Paige a nickname/pet name other than him. He calls her Paige-y sometimes. If I call her Paige-y or Paige-a-roo or anything like that he'll say, "No! My only call her Paige-y!"

- Levi has an imaginary pet puppy named Zoom-zoom. (????)  According to Levi, he lives in a dog house at the farm at grandpa's. He is Buddy's friend. What can I say, he's got a good imagination!! :) Crazy kid!

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